Weir on Wedges, Woods and IMG Exits

Mike Weir’s website was updated yesterday with comments from the golfer (who will talk to the media today at a little past noon).

Anyway, perhaps not surprisingly he weighs in on l’affaire Tiger, and doesn’t add much. Then again, I wouldn’t expect Weir to delve too deep into the situation — it isn’t his style:

Like many people, I’ve been asked about Tiger a lot since his accident. I’m not sure when he’s going to come back to playing and I think there’s a different feeling this time as opposed to when he was off with his knee surgery. No one knows when he’ll be back so it’s all up in the air. As a player, I’d love to see him back sooner rather than later. You always want the best players in the field when you’re competing and he’s definitely one of those. I just hope he and his family are able to get everything straightened out and he can get back on Tour when he’s ready.

He also talks about switching his irons, and of course, his wedges, as well as his questionable driving accuracy in 2009. Interestingly, Weir very rarely changes his irons, so this is a significant move:

The off-season has also been a time for me to get dialed in with new clubs. I have new irons from TaylorMade in the bag and I’ve been making sure they are exactly to my specifications. I also have been working with new wedges by fellow Canadian Bob Vokey and – like everyone else – adjusting to the new grooves. There is definitely a difference with the V-grooves as my shots don’t have the spin when coming out of the rough. For me, it won’t be that big a change and I’m not sure it will affect many guys at the start of the year during the wet West Coast events. I think we’ll see it more when we get to Florida and the whispy, dry Bermuda grass.

In my mind, I think I might be in a position to benefit from the groove change. The rule will put more of a premium on hitting the fairway off the tee and help those who are good short game players. I always go back to the duel between Tiger and Phil at Doral a few years ago as an example of why this is a good change. They finished first and second in the tournament and, I think, last and second-last in driving accuracy. That shouldn’t happen and I think this rule change will ensure that.

Finally, he notes the departure of his agent, Brad Pelletier, from IMG. Apparently IMG’s Danny Fritz will take over some of the responsibilities of watching out for Weir.

Finally, I wanted to say a special thank you to Brad Pelletier who is leaving IMG Canada where he was running things for the last few years. He’s been a good friend who helped me a great deal with my business deals over the years and he’ll be missed for sure. He’s going to head back to B.C. to live and I think he’s making a great move for his family and overall quality of life.


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