Review Week(s): Pinehurst, California and Ontario; Eagles Nest Book

I expect to be at my computer most of the next two weeks working on a book project for Eagles Nest Golf Club, but and I also want to catch up on some course reviews, including reviews of Tobacco Road near Pinehurst, NC; Southern Pines (Elks Course), also near Pinehurst, as well as a review of St. Thomas G&CC outside of London, Ont., and finally Monterey Peninsula’s Strantz re-do near Pebble Beach, California. I’ll also post some of my talk with Canadians Chris Baryla and Graham DeLaet, both of whom make their debuts as members of the PGA Tour this week at the Sony. This might take me the next two weeks to get through.

There’s also significant rumblings of happenings in the Canadian golf business — including one significant personel change that will likely be announced soon, as well as some interesting industry happenings.

It might be snowing and damned cold, but there’s interest in the golf business yet….


On a related note, here are the two proposed covers for the book I’m working on for Eagles Nest Golf Club. Opinions? Comments? I have a preference, but I’d like the perspective of G4G readers.

Cover 1 is a shot from behind the tee of the 10th hole.

Cover 1 is a shot from behind the tee of the 10th hole.

Cover 2 is a shot of the 8th hole.

Cover 2 is a shot of the 8th hole.

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  • those are some pointy bumps… “the creation of pure golf”??? really? not questioning its use as a title as much as whether EN qualifies as “pure golf”.

  • Both nice shots, but agree that the second one catches a truer feeling of the location, with the city on the horizon. (The two bunkers in the foreground do kinda look like spooky eyes ‘though.)

  • Cover 1 is somewhat generic and could be the cover for many courses while Cover 2 reflects more of the character of EN within (or close to) a major city with the buildings in the background. My preference is Cover 2 without hesitation.

  • The green staff will be relieved if the second photo is used.

    Photo #1 shows a less than perfect mowing effort on the tenth tee.

  • Mike and Mr. Frugal: “Pure golf” is a slogan Eagles Nest has used since it opened. I believe they have it as a registered trademark. I’m just trying to incorporate the branding into the title — though there’s no guarantee it will remain as the title.

    Everyone — thanks for the notes. Seems like there is resounding support for hole #8.

  • I agree with the other poster- second picture- first text- Eagles are bold, fierce creatures (one of the reasons I got one tattooed on my back) and the text on the second picture is too flowery, graceful -would be better for a course called Swan’s nest (do Swans even have nests?_

  • I prefer the second, it’s more about golf. on the first you can barely see the golf hole, too much rough

  • Agree that the second photo is more representative of the course. The first is misleading – EN is not a parkland course.

    Also agree that “pure golf” and golf carts = oxymoron.

    A better description for Eagles Nest would be: “Pure corporate golf”

  • The 2nd picture for sure. I thought maybe the Eagle’s Nest Logo would have been incorporated into the cover text somehow.

  • – Haven’t played Eagles Nest yet. A bit expensive for the annual golf budget I can squeeze by my wife ;-).
    – I drive by it weekly on my way to Bathurst Glen though.
    – Agreed that Pic#2 and Text #1 looks best.
    – Good luck with the book, Robert.

  • Is there a friendly bounce anywhere around that green? Looks like a P.B. Dye course….. And the P.B. stands for “Pin Ball” cause thats what your ball does around the greens all day….. not my words but they are an accurate description of his designs.

  • Once again….

    Text of cover no. 1, Pic of cover no. 2.

    Pic of no. 2 IS Eagles Nest. Pic of no. 1 could be anywhere.


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