Marketing 101 – Does your staff know what business they’re in?

Do your employees know what business you are in?

Regardless of whether you run a golf course, a retail store, an apparel company or any other hard goods business, the business you are in is MARKETING!

The goal is to reach the consumer whether it’s through traditional media (TV, radio, print), online (website, social media) or word-of-mouth.

If and when you get their attention you need to know how you keep it? There are so many layers to to this last point and you must make sure they are all taken care of. How is your customer service – and that includes customer relations. Are you staying in touch with your customers and working overtime on building loyalty? How is the end product? Is it everything you want it to be? Are you able to step back and take an objective view?

I’m sure that as we head in to the next decade, you have already looked at how you ran your business in the past year and have started planning on how to improve for 2010. With all the planning you are doing right now, don’t forget to consider how to communicate to your staff that the end goal is giving your customers the best experience possible so that they’ll return time and time again and spread the word. That is the job of everyone in your organization, not just the person in charge of booking advertising.

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