The Tiger Woods Pile On: Apparently Every Hussy Had Fling with Golfer

I always find these celebrity take downs fascinating. A week ago Tiger Woods was squeeky clean, the product pitchman for a dozen companies, and a golfer who worked out and practised 15 hours a day while doting on his lovely wife and two kids. Now to many he’s a liar who covered up a nefarious car accident and has apparently been dogging every two-bit socialite, cocktail waitress and failed actress in the greater LA/NY/Vegas area.

The latest is an alleged phone call to a bimbo’s cell phone asking her to take her name off it because Elin has seen the name linked to a call. No context, mind you, though I’m sure the insinuation is the Tiger was on the prowl. The woman, whose name is Jamiee Grubbs, claims to have hundreds of “sexts” from Woods and has released the single phone call. If the phone call is the best she can do, I wonder if this story his legs. It really doesn’t say much of anything — it just insinuates something, which is probably the point.

Jaimee Grubbs, 24, told the magazine that she began having an affair with Woods in April 2007 and has since had 20 sexual encounters with the golfer.

The article, published today on the magazine’s Web site, said that Grubbs claims to have more than “300 racy texts from Woods” as well as photos.

¬†Should anyone care at this point? Clearly those who like to watch car wrecks will find this all fascinating viewing, but I still think this is a golf story. Tiger’s legendary focus will surely be tested when he returns to golf, which may not be until the San Diego event in February. Is it possible he sits out even longer given all the hysteria around the car accident and the alleged affairs?

Who knows where this story goes in the meantime, and what impact it has on Tiger’s personal and public lives. The companies he endorses have stayed behind him to this point, but will that change when another four failed actresses come out and say the golfer practises more than his putting in his hotel suite? Even if they aren’t true, a certain number of people will believe it is the case, just on sheer volume. And there will be more female accusers — saying you banged Tiger Woods is now a team sport.

At the very least it is possible we see less of Woods, and that he ducks out of events next year amid the glare and scrutiny he’ll surely receive.

As for me, I’m already thinking this story is wearing thin. The police found no reason to charge anyone beyond a careless driving citation, with its laughable $163 fine. The case is apparently closed. In the meantime, accusations of his alleged infidelities continue to grow.

I was never of the belief that Woods was some sort of superman, despite all the claims of a remarkable acumen when it comes to golf. He threw clubs. He swore. He was pretty human beyond his ability to hit a 240-yard 3-iron out of long rough and make it stop on the green. That was other-worldly. That he may be a hound for women isn’t altogether surprising.

However what is disappointing is that this scandal has the ability to overshadow the remarkable prowess he’s shown on the course. And that’s truly sad.

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