Tiger Charged with Careless Driving — Biggest Non-Story of 2009

I’m not saying there’s not more forthcoming, but the Florida police have just announced they are charging Tiger Woods with careless driving. I think he can afford the fine. They added they are not pursuing a domestic violence charge.

So did he just lose it backing up his car in the middle of the night?

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Robert Thompson

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  • If it were as simple as a fender bender while backing up the car the PR gurus at IMG would have been all over it quickly.

    The simple fact that the IMG did not get control suggests there’s ALOT more to the “story”.

  • The fact that Tiger is being so quiet about this leads people to think that their is a “Real” story behind this one.
    Only Tiger and his family know the real truth to this story. Hope he comes out and tells the World the real truth to this story.

  • I’m sure there is much more to this story…but honestly I don’t care and I’m puzzled why everyone else does. Maybe he is a cheating scumbag and Elin chased him down the driveway with a golf club. Maybe not. Either way it’s got nothing to do with you or me. Unlike many celebs Tiger is not the attention seeking, public stunt type. He actually prefers to keep his private life private…a refreshing change these days. He doesn’t “owe” the public any explanation. The only person perhaps he owes is his neighbour for damage to the tree.

  • GolfGrrrl – he has a very crafted, protected personal image that he has traded upon with his endorsements. Like most celebrities, he is happy to make public that which supports his image – look at the family photos he has released, the maudlin Nike ads with a dead Earl, etc. He may not owe the public an explanation, but people care because he has sold them the image of being a devoted family man.

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