Is the Tiger gossip a golf story?

A TV shot of Woods' crash SUV

A TV shot of Woods' crash SUV

That seems to be the question some are asking. Yesterday, while reading Geoff Shackelford’s site, the question was raised about whether Shackelford should be writing about the topic. I was asked the same question about my initial post regarding Woods’ accident. Reader “Albert” wrote:

Is it really necessary to point us to some unsubstantiated story on Woods love life. Is that the best you can do? What garbage. And in any event, why is it your business to write about his bedroom? How would you like it if somebody wrote about what you do in your spare time? You should get a job with the Enquirer, because that is your level right now.

I get that. I don’t really care what Tiger Woods does in that few hours when he isn’t a) working out b) practicing his short game c) playing with Hank d) practicing his short game (again). The problem is that Tiger Woods, regardless of how carefully he’s guarded his privacy, is a public figure of his own making. After all, he’s paid millions to publicly endorse a wide variety of goods and services, ranging from Nike to Accenture. And could Accenture be any more relevant? After all, the company’s home page has a picture of Woods on it with the slogan “It’s what you do next that counts.” Timely.


Truthfully this is a celebrity story that crosses over to golf. If Woods has a piece on the side, one that travels with him to tournaments in Australia, then that links to golf (and I love the fact that Woods’ website has a question from a fan about “life on the road,” while another is titled “On Top Down Under.” I’m sure those double entendres are unintentional.) And if the car accident causes him to miss his own charity silly season event — and reports are saying he hasn’t confirmed whether he’s playing or not — than that also influences his golf career. If his personal life becomes exceptionally complicated, it would seem sensible that it would also start have implications on his golf career. With all of that in mind, this is a golf story — though one about a golfer who transcends the sport.

The issue that I think most are struggling with is why a seemingly minor car accident seems like such a major issue with the Woods camp. If this isn’t a big deal — then explain it and move on. Maybe he was tired and fell asleep. Maybe he’d had a fight with his wife — most would sympathize, though I think the implication now would be that any dispute would be linked to the Enquirer story.  But if this car accident wasn’t an issue — than why is Woods now refusing to speak with police?

This morning police say that will move forward with the investigation without his cooperation.

And for those that care, celeb website are claiming this is the real story behind the crash:

However, alleged that Woods’ facial injuries were inflicted by his wife, who had “gone ghetto” during a row over his reported affair with party organiser Rachel Uchitel. Uchitel has vehemently denied the claims, which first surfaced in the National Enquirer.

Nordegren followed Woods out of the house and struck the car windows with a golf club as he drove away, the website claimed, causing him to crash into a fire hydrant.


Oh, and for good fun, go to the forum on Woods’ site. Lots of crazies over there — and everyone has a theory. One guy even claims the accident was caused by Woods serving to miss a neighbour’s dog. I’m sure there are lots of loose animals wandering around Isleworth at 2:30 am.

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  • Ok, it’s 2:30 in the morning and say his baby is running a fever. Half asleep he hops into his SUV to goto the drug store. Half asleep he runs over something and hits a tree. Most people have a set of extra car keys near the door. How in this case, his wife happens to have a golf club which she uses to break a window and not use an extra set of keys to open the side or back doors of the SUV.
    With the both of them not speaking to the police or media, of course people suspect that it was much more then running to the drug store for some baby pills? If this was the case, I believe Tiger would have come out and explained what happened and we can all move on. As each day passes. We all suspect much more is going on behind closed doors at Tigers home. Sorry to see this happen to a classy guy like Tiger!

  • The short answer is: yes indeed it is a golf story. Anybody that says you shouldn’t be covering this is completely out of touch. (a-hem Albert) Tiger Woods is golf and without him right now, golf is in bad shape, so there is no possible way this is not a golf story.

    It doesn’t matter how much the “Golf Channel” try to sanitize this and go out of their way to “preserve the image of golf” (rolls eyes), it’s gonna snowball out of control the longer the Tiger camp don’t answer questions.

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