Tiger Bounces Club Into Crowd in Australia, Checks to See if it is Bent

A few months ago, after Tiger Woods was caught on camera in Boston hammer-throwing a club into the fescue, I wrote a column saying he needs to get this aspect of his game under control. It just isn’t acceptable. Now I did have a lunch with one of the bright young minds of Canadian golf the other day who said throwing clubs “humanized” Tiger. Right. And having six beers during a round might make him more like the typical hack as well, but we’re not likely to see that happen, now are we?

Anyway, it has happened again — this time in Australia where Woods was paid a reported $3-million to appear in the Australian Masters. He won the event, but I think this is what everyone will be talking about:

Love how the initial discussion among the Aussie announcers is that Tiger’s right shoulder is too high. Only after they’ve analyzed the swing do they talk about how the club ended up in the crowd.

“His temper has been subject of much debate in recent times,” says one announcer.

Indeed. This has now become ridiculous. If a baseball player tossed a bat into the crowd in disgust he’d be suspended. But when the best golfer in the world throws a club — nothing? A fine that is meaningless?

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  • “Nothing”? It’s bound to be talked about by tens of thousands of people on thousands of sites and in thousands of grill rooms, etc.

    I wouldn’t call that “nothing.”

    This is the first time his club throwing has gone into the crowd. It crosses the line for me, but I’m reserving any outright anger and disgust for the SECOND time it occurs. If he realizes it was a mistake, there won’t be a second time.

  • although it is hard to say his club”throwing” can be accepted it doesn’t approach what Tommy Bolt and others used to do. I’d rather see Tiger lose a club than Nobody make a putt.

    Interestingly, they gave him his club back. Think that would happen at Bethpage?

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