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After two years two months living in St Andrews we have now moved 10 miles away (south east) to the beautiful East Neuk village of Crail. The house we lived in while in St Andrews was built in 1862, now we live in a house built in 1718! Thankfully most of the original has been redone, including electricity, and indoor plumbing. Our landlord from San Francisco wanted to live in his St Andrews flat during the 2010 Open so we had to move now, finding a spot next summer would be very tough.

I thought St Andrews was superb, Crail is even neater. And only 6.6 miles to work, 8.7 miles to the Old Course, 50 yards to the grocery store for the Times, 100 yards to the butcher, 15 yards to the fresh vegetable store, 15 yards to the chemist for my free meds, live is good. Just checked, 103 yards to the Golf Hotel Pub! Marley loves taking us for walks, historic gardens and walls everywhere. And amazingly there are so many tropical plants growing outside homes here, Marley can pee on the same flora he did in Jamaica! Peeonthees are his favourite flower, geraniums a close second.

Crail and St Andrews have similar histories, both had huge catholic churches ransacked by Knox protestants over 400 years ago. Both were market towns in the 1200s! Both traded with Germany, Holland and Scandinavian countires. Crail has nicer slate shingles. People have been playing golf in Crail only since 1736 (I guess they walked into town to play before that). The major difference is the University is in St Andrews, and we had to buy an expresso maker as Starbucks and Costa are also both in St Andrews.

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