Greg Norman, Crissy Evert Split

I guess that makes this segment of Golf in America on Golf Channel, where the unnaturally tanned Rich Lerner gets a lesson from Greg and Crissy, seem even stranger than it did before.

The fairytale pairing didn’t last long, now did it? At least we won’t have to listen to all the talk about Crissy at next week’s Presidents Cup.

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Robert Thompson

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  • Why do you need to make an annoucement on this. What does it have to do with golf. Who cares. What gives you the right to write about personal matters. Why is this your business. Why do you pass judgement.

  • Jimmy:

    Who gives you the right to comment on whether RT should write on this topic or not? Right, it is that freedom of speech thing. Guess what, it goes both ways. RT can write about whatever he wants (save for liable, racist content etc).

  • I don’t think there is anything wrong with what RT wrote. It is golf related. Last time I checked Norman was a golfer. Thus, making his blog golf related. Why do his blogs have to be just about rolling greens and 12-13 on the stimp. It’s his blog and I’ll continue to reading. Keep up the good work RT.

  • “Jimmy”: Since the split was the big news at the press conferences in San Francisco, and since Norman once said he’d have won more majors if he’d been married to Evert in his prime, I think the reason for referencing this is clear.

  • Greg Norman announced his love for Chris to the world and never passed up the opportunity to talk about it whenever a microphone was around. He gushed on camera about her and made sure the cameras caught them all over each other like those photos in Australia and elsewhere. When you are a public figure and make your personal life public, that gives people like Robert Thompson and others the right to comment on it. It goes both ways.

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