Weir's CanOpen Birdie is a Par

Yesterday there was a lot of talk about Mike Weir’s controversial birdie on the 18th hole, where the ball moved after he placed it. They gave him a birdie in the end. Today they’ve taken it back.

Here’s the changed scorecard:

Weir's adjusted second round scorecard

Weir's adjusted second round scorecard

The ruling was apparently under question from the start, but there was no concern that Weir would be DQ’d for signing an incorrect scorecard, according to rules officials. Since Weir doesn’t ground the club, there was not an issue of 18/2b about whether he had addressed the ball. The question was whether he’d done something else to make it move — and since Weir couldn’t say definitively that he had not, he accepted the penalty. He was just in the media tent and recalled that it had happened a couple of times previous, including at a Canadian PGA event at Mandarin GC near Markham, where he called a penalty on himself and lost the tournament in a playoff.  He actually seemed perplexed, but not upset.
Oh, and btw, Weir’s ace on his fourth hole today was his 10th career hole-in-one. He joked that he made his with a 4-iron, while the guys winning the car for making an ace on 15 hit that green with a 9-iron.

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  • Rob,

    The scorecard issue seems peculiar. Has anyone else ever had a score changed after signing for a lower number?

  • I find it interesting that Weir has 10 aces, yet the King of Aces has over 50. It just demonstrates how absurd Steve Johnston’s claim is. If somebody like Weir who has been playing non stop for likely 25 years only has 10 how can Johnston have over 50. Why do people have to make things up to draw attention to themselves?

  • Thanks Robert.

    I am still filing this ruling under peculiar. May have to contact that Dutch chap with the freedrop blog.

  • I am curious about the Weir penalty. What prompted the review by the RCGA & PGA officials ? Some blogs say that new video was reviewed (and why didn’t they review that too in the first go-around), while others say that there was a downpour (pardon the pun!) of calls, presumably from USA ‘armchair official-viewers’ asking why no penaly was initially applied ?

    Does anyone have any video of the incident ?

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