The Impact of a Rainy Friday at the CanOpen

Bet you thought you were going to see a photo of some wet fairways. Nope. Instead here’s a list of players who suddenly withdrew last night when it was clear the second round wasn’t going to be finished given the latest series of thunderstorms.  Now of course he could have been injured, but I saw him carrying his clubs out to the van in front of the clubhouse, so maybe it just wasn’t obvious. The powers that be at the CanOpen are not happy, apparently. One interesting note is that the PGA Tour had Lee Janzen withdrawing after shooting 68 in the first round, but he reappeared today to finish his second round, shooting 70. I assume it was just an error on the tour’s part.


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  • I lost respect for Jansen at Angus Glen a few years ago. He overshot a green and the rope had to be moved/lowered. An unpaid volunteer didn’t lower it quite to Lee’s standards. Janzen got his panties in a knot, marched over to the rope moving it himself, huffing the whole way like a 2 year old. He then glared at the unpaid marshall. What gives these guys the right?

  • The USGA and the R&A should make it mandatory that the players complete two rounds before withdrawing or face a substantial fine, or better still, give up their spot in the tournament the next year.

  • What a shame they reduced the field and are still not going to finish today. I was really rooting for Byrd and even though he made the cut he is not playing the last two rounds. Along with the awful tv coverage ( CTV used to cover from start to finish) this is the most frustrating open I can ever remember.

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