Weir on Future: "I'll need to prioritize my time."

Interesting column in today’s Globe by Lorne Rubenstein about continued changes in Mike Weir’s surrounding cast. The most recent to depart — fitness instructor Jeff Handler. The column suggests Bob Rotella, Weir’s new mental coach, has made some suggestions about the need for self-reliance and Weir is buying in. Weir had previously split with “stack and tilt” coaches Andy Bennett and Mike Plummer.

I had that discussion with myself, about getting too dependent on others. The last few years, I was working with a lot of people, though. I didnt need Mike and Andy and Jeff to tell me when to practise or that I need to practise.

Its been great doing this, Weir added. Ive figured out a lot of things about my swing. Its been very healthy.

There’s another interesting element to the column as well, which suggests Weir is looking to cut back on his schedule:

Weir is moving into another phase of his career. He said he still wants to accomplish a lot in the game but that he doesnt like being away from his wife and their two daughters as much as he is.

Ill need to prioritize my time, he said. You think of players like Fred [Couples] and Nick [Price]. They started to play 17 to 20 tournaments rather than 20 to 25. Ive been thinking about this for the next few years.

Perhaps this is an age thing? Weir will turn 40 next year. However, he has been healthy in recent years, so I question why he’d want to limit his schedule. In the last five years Weir has played between 23 to 26 events. Interestingly that in 2003 — his best year on tour — he only played 21 events. Maybe he’s on to something here. According to IMG, he’s planning on skipping the event at Firestone after the Canadian Open, a guaranteed money event, but played at a course that Weir isn’t keen on.

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  • I love your latest blog. You essentially take what Rube says and post it. At least know we are getting something interesting to read. You certainly will never achieve what Lorne has achieved. Your insight astounds me. Take this gem on why he is planning on playing less. “Perhaps this is an age thing? Weir will turn 40 next year.” Duh…ya think? Wow, NASA can you guys like you.

  • Robert, do you have any info regarding the rumour that Weir left the Stack n tilt duo, due to back pain ? This is understandable, due to the way those players stay on their left side so much.

  • BJ: Hadn’t heard anything about that — in fact, Mike spoke to the contrary when I asked him about it before the US Open.

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