MSN/Sympatico Column: Daly at the Open

Okay, this is the last thing I write about John Daly for the next two weeks — at least until he arrives in Canada or wins the British Open.

My latest Sympatico column is online with my thoughts on Daly’s exemption into the Canadian Open.

Here’s a taste:

Over the past few years John Daly has been a lot of things. He’s been the reportedly assaulted in a domestic incident with a now ex-wife. He’s written a tell-all bio that said he squandered tens of millions of dollars on lap dances and gambling. He’s been drunk (a lot) and arrested last year outside a Hooters. He’s been suspended by the PGA Tour. More recently he’s been a fashion victim with a (slightly) resurrected European golf career.
Now he’s coming back to the RBC Canadian Open in two weeks time “ or at least that’s the plan before Daly somehow finds a way to throw a spanner in the works.
What paying spectators will get from Daly is anyone’s guess.
The Royal Canadian Golf Association, which runs the tournament, should be applauded for helping bring about a strong field after a few years of struggling to attract the best on the PGA Tour. The organization says Daly has been a long-time supporter of the event. Apparently tournament director Bill Paul made a number of calls about which Daly would appear at the event and liked what he heard. With the likelihood that at least one promised star, former Masters champ Trevor Immelman, will withdraw with an injury, Daly could help fill the space along the ropes on Glen Abbey’s fairways. Extra ticket sales equals extra dollars “ a good thing in uncertain economic times.

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  • The phrase in English is “throw a wrench into….”, not spanner. I know a spanner is a wrench, but please use the proper phraseology. Much like turning the word “monkey-shines” and describing it as ” chimpanzee-shines” – it is nonsensical.
    Anyways, I did like your article, and even though I am a big fan of JD, I too question the validity of him being here for anything more than to sell a few more tickets. He does, however, add a very recognizable name to a tourney that is being increasingly ignored on the big circuit, and also by the fans(see dwindling attendance). No other player would get more international ink for this tournament by winning it, and that includes Weir and Ames.
    The chance of him actually winning it is about the same as Weir/Ames finishing 1-2, ie, virtually nil, but he will have lots of stories, lots of laughs, and we may even see a few shots of golf by the big man. And he has always come here when asked, be it tourney, skins, clinics, etc, even when he was winning. A good guy with lots of baggage to be sure, but at least one who is entertaining and glad to be here. I for one have no prob “wasting” an exemption on him – we are certainly sure to see some wasted for far lesser reasons. Good article tho.

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