Weir on U.S. Open — "I'm clicking on all cylinders"

I caught up with Mike Weir Sunday night for a quick conversation.

First of all, he had just come back from wandering around Bethpage. where he missed the cut in 2002. The course was wet, and Weir didn’t play, as much as hit some chips and putts. For those interested, he typically gets to a major on the weekend before it starts, and had flown in from Utah earlier in the day.

  • On his split with “stack’n tilt” gurus Plummer and Bennett: “The biggest thing I felt was that it was all getting one-dimensional. That said, I learned some great things from Mike and Andy. And my back doesn’t hurt any more — that’s a big plus right there.”
  • On working with former coach Mike Wilson again: “He reached out to me at the Masters with some of the things he saw … the biggest thing we’ve done is to get me to see the shots again, the shots — like  a little five-yard draw or a cut that made me a great player in the first place.”
  • On his golf swing: “I’ve gotten to the point where my golf swing is going to be my golf swing. This is pretty much what I’m going to be going forward.”
  • On working with Bob Rotella: “I made my biggest breakthrough on the Canadian Tour after reading one of his books … I met with him and it all seemed very familiar.”
  • On his game this year: “I’d say I feel really good. It is time for me to be patient — it is not a time to be frustrated.”
  • On his schedule from this point on to the end of the year: “It goes by so fast that you have to be fresh and be smart. I think I’ve done that so far.”
  • On fellow Brights Grove native Matt Hill who won the NCAA: “What a season. Its almost as good a college season as I’ve ever heard of. Maybe it was similar to Phil Mickelson’s year when I was at college. But I don’t think he won seven of eight.”
  • On Tigers renewed accuracy with a driver “I don’t think about it and I don’t know if the guys talk about it. In the locker room we don’t talk much about golf.”

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  • It stands to reason the guys in the locker room don’t really want to talk about the player who is eating their lunch week in and week out. The last thing I would want to talk about after a mentally and physically exhausting round / week is the guy who is embarassing the rest of the tour by seemingly being able to win at will.

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