3 Off the Tee/Sympatico Column: The Daly Wreck is Back on the Tracks

"John, what a great set of Titleists you have..."

"John, what a great set of Titleists you have..."

My weekly Sympatico/MSN column is now online. And yes, I actually have a few positive things to say about John Daly — though I frankly thought it more likely that I’d be writing his obituary than talking about how he shot 68 in Ireland, as he did today.

Here’s a taste:

Fascinating to see the same pundits who were writing John Daly off only weeks ago are cautiously lauding his comeback.

Sure only a few weeks ago he was hawking merchandise outside of Augusta National instead of playing at the Masters, all the while on a six-month suspension from the PGA Tour. And yes, there’s talk that one of his homes, currently the residence of one of his numerous former wives, has seen its mortgage foreclosed. And yes, it is hard to see a real upside for the British Open and PGA Championship winner when even Hooters is dropping him as a sponsor. As a writer, you don’t need to delve into hyperbole when talking about Big John “ the material just writes itself.
Until the past week, the only thing more ghastly than Daly’s golf game was the atrocious pants he’s sporting on the course. They look like someone vomited Froot Loops down the front of a pair of white trousers “ and that might be too kind. But a fine final round at a European Tour event in Italy that put him second at the end of the tournament, even with all the big guns playing an ocean away in Jacksonville for the Players Championship, and viola “ it is time to talk about a John Daly comeback.

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