National Post Golf Guide in Today's Paper

I might not be writing regularly for the National Post any longer, but I did act as the editor of the paper’s golf magazine, which is a supplement in today’s Financial Post Business Magazine (in today’s paper).

In case you don’t get today’s paper — you can find the  articles below online. The only one that appears to be missing is my feature on Old MacDonald, the latest course at Bandon Dunes:


The Top 25 Most Influential Canadians in Golf

A Perfect Fit

The Core of the Matter — Sean Foley

Weir Golf Design

Jamie Sadlowski — Long Drive Champ profile

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Robert Thompson

A bestselling author and award-winning columnist, Robert Thompson has been writing about business and sports, and particularly golf, for almost two decades. His reporting and commentary on golf has appeared in Golf Magazine, the Globe and Mail, T&L Golf and many other media outlets. Currently Robert is a columnist with Global Golf Post, golf analyst for Global News and Shaw Communications, and Senior Writer to ScoreGolf. The Going for the Green blog was launched in 2004.

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  • Grumpy: By astounding, what do you mean?

    Scott: I’m not sure there is a single super with a huge influence on the game. Which one would you suggest?

  • Sorta my point…
    But now that you ask RT, I think a shout out to all of those involved in developing the IPM Accreditation program (the tool used to allow golf courses to be exempt from the Pesticide Ban) which will allow the supers to continue to provide the kind of conditions we all take for granted. Without the work of all those Supers and industry reps, we’d be playing on snow moldy greens until it finally grew out in June!

    It was a great list RT, it really gives perspective as to how big our industry is.

  • RT…

    Here’s a quote from Sean O’Hair after winning at Quail Hollow…

    “I can’t thank him enough, but Sean Foley has really changed my game around,” O’Hair said. “I think he’s changed my life forever, so I owe a lot to Sean.”

    You rank Foley in your top 15 but in classic style you offer him a backhanded compliment and hide behind one of your “sources”. Here’s a great story on a Canadian making a huge impact and instead of promoting, your hating. WOW, at least your consistent.
    Btw – I Love the blog.

  • By astounding, I feel that investors with multiple golf courses in their portfolio which provide employment for multitudes of people, not just the workers on the courses, but bankers, journalists, equipment and fertilizer supply companies and on and on.
    They are very important in the golf industy in Canada.

    I am thinking of people like Kaneff, Kavanaugh, Bisselle, Diamanti, the Fay family etc. and I think they are more important than many of the people on your list.

    Just my opinion.

  • Grumpy, I completely agree… It does not appear that enough focus is placed on the actual business of golf in the rankings presented by the National Post. Strange, as without the companies that operate golf facilties or assist with efficient and effective operations of these facilities, there would be no place to play for the golfer, nor anyone to employ the individuals involved in the golf industry. Too many golf clubs in Canada and southern ontario for that matter have had and continue to have significant financial troubles. This is not good for the game. I’ve never understood why there are not more sophisticated business consulting entities in the golf industry… to me, multi-course ownership groups that bring strong business practices to the game such as Kaneff and Clublink and consulting practices like Global Golf Advisors are paramount to the long-term health and success of the game of golf.

  • Not enough focus on the business of golf? With the likes of Rai Sahi on the list, and Jeff Calderwood who runs the NGCOA?

    I don’t see how Kaneff would be deemed influential. The only others I could see would be Caleb Chan out west, and Golf North here. But does anyone think Golf North is influencing anything?

    And I’m not sure how much sway Global Golf Advisers has in Canada, where many question what they do. But Stephen Johnston was on the list.

    As for “Grumpy.” Let’s play a round and discuss!

  • Alas Robert, I think you may have lost some of the plot! I just got around to reading over the list this evening and firstly, have to agree with the likes of Scott and Grumpy. I do like many on the list but there are some interesting names missing. With all due respect for your golf game and the work you do, rightly or wrongly, many look like they belong on a powerbrokers list rather than those exerting “an influence” per say. With all due respect to sponsors and sports agents who assist with the game in invaluable but more indirect ways, it is the core media group; the Weeks’ and the Rubensteins, the Thompsons (shameless plug) and the McIntyres that inspire us to think, talk, even play the game and keep it as a part of our busy lives. Beyond that it is people like Stanley Thompson who have shaped how we play the game today in this country from coast to coast. His legacy should not be ignored. Some of his courses are among your favorites and recognized by rankers as the best in our nation. Is that no longer relevant because he is deceased? Carrick, McBroom and Andrew are also all worthy for past, present and future influences. Brunton, Roxburgh, Foley, Weir, Ames and Kane all belong because they inspire and therefore influence. Bebis and Sahi and their operations have changed and in turn influenced how the industry thinks. The NGCOA, it’s national membership and its Board of Directors are exerting an influence and therefore the organization belongs on the list.

    Finally, to address Scott’s comments, somehow, golf’s superintendents need to be recognized! Perhaps it is like the NGCOA above; a simple reference to the CGSA (Canadian Golf Superintendents Association) and all its members. An old superintendent friend of mine once said “See the golf shop or the clubhouse burn down and golfers will find their way to Golf Town to buy equipment or Milestone’s for lunch and keep coming for the golf and the course. Lose substantial amounts of turfgrass, and the facility is in real trouble.”

    These people are invaluable to the industry and the business of golf. Interesting that statistics show that the first two things discussed by golfers as a critical component of their purchasing decision are design and conditioning values. You asked who? In spite of over 800 superintendents across Ontario and more across the country doing great things almost everyday, after watching Scott Bowman (and his entire crew) wade through water, sand and everything else mother nature had in store for Glen Abbey last year, there is one fellow who didnt disappoint anyone from players to organizers to sponsors to the media. That is influence in my mind. The fact that everyone in world was watching both live and on TV, and the show went on in spite of the chaos, is a testament to Scott and all the ladies and gents who work in the profession. I expect Scott will do a great job again this year and I know Keith Bartlett is already working overtime to ensure a successfull Open at St.Georges next year.

    They are all “super” for a reason RT!

    I hope we will see one another again soon…

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