Tiger Woods Coming to Canada

I’ve been hearing rumblings about this for a while — the world’s best golfer is coming to Canada, but it ain’t for the RBC Canadian Open.

Instead, according to sources and a non-denial in a Halifax newspaper, apparently Tiger Woods is coming to Ron Joyce’s Fox Harb’r, a resort in rural Nova Scotia. This appears to be a repeat of the Nike event held at Magna a few years back — which means really limited media on site and no public, as well as a big-price for those participating in the event. You’ll recall that Joyce and Elliott Isenor played with Woods at the Magna event, as did Angus Glen owner Gord Stollery.

Sources confirmed to me the dates are immediately following the US Open at Bethpage Black, which is a short trip by plane to Nova Scotia.

In one of the better non-denial denials, Isenor seems to confirm the event is taking place:

“I cant deny or confirm anything until we get closer,” Elliott Isenor, head professional at Fox Harbr, said Friday evening.

“Its their event,” he said, referring to Nike Golf Canada. “Theyre the ones who are looking after everything.”

The Halifax Chronicle calls the event a “fundraiser,” though the Magna event was more about Nike clients, with a fundraising component for Tiger’s foundation.

I must admit to finding Nike’s strategy on these Tiger events to be a bit perplexing. By limiting the media — and holding the event at a remote spot like Fox Harb’r — the company ends up playing favourites — last time only TSN got access to Woods. The company would surely get more media coverage and attention if it opened up the event to at least a press conference, but I doubt that’s likely to happen.

For the record, this will mean Woods has been back in Canada three four times since he last played a Canadian Open. The first time was for an American Express event, followed by the Magna outing, the Presidents Cup and now the Fox Harb’r event. Will he ever make it back to the Canadian Open? I wouldn’t hold my breath as long as it follows the British Open.

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  • I think you forgot the Presidents Cup.

    And if Im not mistaken, Tiger said years back he would always come to Canada “every other year” (something like that). and hes actually living up to that.. well.. sort of.

  • TW may surpass JN’s record for majors, but to me he is a MAJOR dissapointment.

    He is self obsessed and does not treat the fans with any respect at all. (even if they are cheering him on. A simple nod or tip of the hat is not sufficient, but I guess to show true respect and affection to the fans would be beneath him.

    He signs very few autographs, especially compared to Phil Mickelson and can not wait to get off the course. Add to that his cussing, especially when he know all kinds of young people adore him, and then of course he spits.

    Not a good role model by any means.

    The only time he will be seen in ANY country except the USA is when he is paid a huge (in the millions) appearance fee.

    Needless to say, I am not a fan, even if he is probably the greatest golfer of all time, and a great athlete.

  • grumpy, there are no bad guys on the PGA Tour and that starts with Tiger. Just listen to some CBS golf broadcasts ….. they are all wonderful people period.

  • If rumours are true then it would be the FIFTH event since Tiger played in and won the Canadian Open in 2000. Also, people hate people no matter what they do. If grumpy wants to hate on Tiger and love Phil Mick, that’s his perogative – keep on being grumpy if you will. People who meet and get to know Tiger (including his pro-am partners) are always complimentary of Tiger’s behaviour. Even his fellow pros speak well of him (excluding Rory Sabbatini of course). It is fortunate for Tiger that he does NOT allow negatives to get in the way of his goals and objectives for his life and that of his family. He is a great golfer, loving father of two, works hard for himself and his Foundation. What’s not to like? Keep up the good work Tiger. I would love to watch Tiger play in person again (did attend the 2000 event) but I understand his schedule and he means no disrespect to Canadians.

  • If St. George’s doesn’t lure him in 2010, then we’re probably not likely to see him play again. Glen Abbey is such a ho-hum design aside from the first few holes on the back 9; Jack did much better at Muirfield Village and Valhalla.

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