Marketing 101 – The harsh reality and opportunities

I just read this comment to my last post:

Just applied for a job at a GTA golf course in pro shop operations. Paying people $9.50/ hr does not get a star employee to do customer service or promotions. These owners just wont you to collect the green fee and move on to the next customer.
Mr. Hall

Well, Mr. Hall, I feel for you. The point of my Marketing 101 series is to talk directly to those small minded owners who can’t look past that day’s tee sheet. I know that times are tough and just staying afloat is plenty enough challenge for most. But it exactly for that reason that innovative and pro-active approaches need to be taken. As much as it should be the owners task to find (and pay for) strong talented people, it is also the responsibility of employees to go above and beyond what is being asked of them every day.

If you are being asked to do menial tasks for $9.50 an hour fine, but nothing is stopping you from speaking up and suggesting changes from the inside out. maybe you know more – a lot more – than the owner about marketing. See this as your chance to shine and to learn. If you have ideas for change, see if you can get them implemented. make mistakes on someone else’s dime and if they work, great. If the owner doesn’t want to recognize your contributions you can look for work at another course but now you’ll have practical application under your belt.

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