Sympatico/MSN Column: The Extremes of Tiger

My first column for Sympatico/MSN went live last night. Essentially it investigates the extreme perspectives of the media surrounding Tiger Woods’ comeback. Truthfully, he just needs to make some putts and he’ll be — well maybe not as good as new, but at least as good as the Tiger of 2007.

Here’s a taste:

When Tiger Woods returned at the Accenture Match Play Championship after a potentially debilitating knee injury suffered before last year’s U.S. Open, the pundits fell all over themselves to proclaim that he’d come back better than ever and take on all challengers. He will devastate all those willing to challenge his greatness, the critics said. And he’d leap tall buildings in a single bound with his surgically repaired hinge.
Of course Woods didn’t quite follow that storyline. Apparently no one told diminutive Tim Clark that he was supposed to quake in front of Tiger. Without the knowledge that he was predestined to lose, Clark went out and made every putt in sight and took out Tiger. Fast forward to last week’s World Golf Championship at Miami’s Blue Monster golf course. Cue the epic music because Woods can’t lose at Doral. After all, he’d won three of the last five times he played at Doral, finishing second and fifth when he didn’t win. A win was a sure thing. And then Tiger finished, ahem, ninth, though he wasn’t ever a factor in the tournament.
Suddenly, two tournaments into his comeback and there are unbelievers. ESPN columnist Rick Reilly, quoting Jack Nicklaus, questioned in a column whether Woods can break the Grizzled Bear’s record of 18 majors. Before the injury it seemed like a no brainer. Now, apparently, it isn’t so clear.

The entire column can be found on Sympatico’s new golf site.

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  • Surprisingly minimal attention is paid to the number of times Tiger has missed a cut as a professional. I believe the number is 4 (including one major) over roughly a 12 year period. Incredibly consistent…

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