Just heard on XM re: The Ryder and President’s Cups

I just heard this on the PGA radio network on XM. I’m sorry but I’m not sure who to give credit to but it sounded like a good idea.

Instead of two teams vying for the President’s Cup and the Ryder Cup in alternating years, it would be three teams (USA, Europe, the Rest of the World) vying for both. The key prize would be the Ryder Cup. Here’s how it works. The defending Ryder Cup champion gets a right to defend the cup against the team that wins the President’s Cup. The Ruder Cup champion then gets a bye year.

For example, the USA won the Ryder Cup in 2008 which means they don’t have to play the President’s Cup in 2009. the Rest of the World and Europe play each other in the President’s Cup in 2009 for the right to play the USA for the Ryder Cup in 2010. Simple but sweet. Apparently Tim Fincham isn’t opposed to the idea.

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  • I have thought for a long time there should be some kind of three way event every two years or even something like that suggested in your article. I stand to be corrected but, I guess the only problem is that the Ryder is run by the PGA and Presidents Cup by the PGA tour. Who gets the $$$.


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