Rumor: ClubLink to take over GTA Facility

Rumors are flying that staff at a notable GTA public golf course will be notified on Monday that their club has been leased by ClubLink, not unlike what happened to National Pines. Wouldn’t surprise me given the current uncertainties in the market, and the fact that a ClubLink exec told me last week that membership declines weren’t as steep as expected.

Could just be one of those rumors — so I’m not going to name the club other than to say this one would make sense to me. And no, it isn’t Osprey Valley…

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Robert Thompson

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  • Ian, that makes perfect sense. All the owners were ever interested in was the land around it. AND if they could be guaranteed a filled golf course…they would be in heaven.

  • Sources tell me there’s a letter of intent signed for CL to lease the club Ian mentions. Apparently there’s a meeting on Monday.

  • Hey YI ….

    Why do you have the hate on for Mr Thompson’s breaking this rumour on his BLOG … after all you seem to be a dedicated reader !!

    I bet you that this “rumour” becomes fact before you can finish your milk and cookies.

  • Hey Bobby, you keep throwing out guesses but RT himself already replied to Ian’s guess on bond head, confirming that was the course in question.
    There is no guess anymore, if his sources are correct the alleged course in question is bond head. Makes sense based on their premium profile, their location, proximity to GTA. Good practice facilities. All in all a good partnership if it happens.
    Won’t affect me since it always was a little out of my price range to play, not by much, but just enough.

  • It’s Bond Head for sure. Fits the Clublink model with the proximity of King Valley, King’s Riding, National Pines, etc and it’s on the way to Muskoka.

    Owner’s of Bond Head don’t understand golf and will hit their ‘homerun’ when they can build real estate on the surrounding land they already own (about 500 acres).

    Bond Head might be making money now but the owners will be happy to take the guarenteed income thru a lease.

    Bigger question is how much the lease is – Mr. Thompson, any rumored price?

  • Still nothing official as of yet, so Bobby wont guess anymore.

    I’m in for anything they want to add to Clublink. Rumours are now expanding to other courses on the web.


  • If Clublink takens over Bond Head, which it certainly looks like it will. What do you think will happen to Bruce McCarrol and the impressive Intistute that Bond Head? especially because it’s the most inovative institute in the country. And what do you think will happen to the programs run there like the elite junior programs?

  • I wish they would snap up Granite Ridge and connect it to GreyStone! That would be a ClubLink Mecca with Glean Cairn just across 25, and it would provide them with a lot more than just golf holes.

  • I believe the deal closes at the end of the month and will be formally announced sometime afterwards.

  • Patience gents.

    And Saudan: I covered publicly traded companies for a decade as a reporter. I doubt leasing a golf club is material to ClubLink at this point — but they haven’t disclosed anything. Maybe the contracts aren’t done yet…

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