Marketing 101 – Are you leaving money on the table?

In these tough economic times you really need to assess whether or not you’re leaving money on the table. In the case of golf courses you need to make the most of the potential of every customer that walks in to your facility. Offering special sales on demos or nine and dine packages are fine but everyone is doing that. You need to ask yourself if you or your staff are prepared to actually sell to the clientele standing around waiting to pay their greens fees.

Selling means being proactive and engaging the customer and direct them to specific items in the shop be it equipment, lessons or clothing. You must have real conversations with these people and find out who they are. Sine everyone in the Pro Shop has a common interest, getting the conversation started is the easiest part. All too often though the Pro Shops I walk in to are a shambles and are usually only staffed with one or two employees standing behind the counter to check customers in. With out a “sales person” on the floor, money is being left on the table (see how easily that happens).

One other thought, once you get in the swing of actually selling to your customers, there is an opportunity to consider non-golf related products (in particular, casual wear clothing is a thought. Why let your customers go to the bay to get shorts, a dress shirt or clacks when they can shop while waiting to tee off).

Whether you take this advice or not, you have to consider all aspects of your business and your potential business and don’t take anything for granted.

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