Tiger Loses, Accenture Mourns, World on Verge of Economic Collapse

Tiger shakes the hand of Tim Clark while the world crumbles around him.

Tiger shakes the hand of Tim Clark while the world crumbles around him.

Okay, the headline might be exaggerating things a touch, but when little Tim Clark put an end to Tiger’s attempt at world domination, you could hear the wind coming out of the sails of the Golf Channel, Accenture and all the assembled media . Gosh, even the Toronto Star sent someone down, and now there are no Canadians in the field and no Tiger. As a direct result TorStar slashed its dividend and restructured. I bet Dave Perkins never thought he had so much influence. And now Obama is raising taxes on the rich and running up a trillion dollar deficit. All of which is related to Tiger’s defeat.

How great was the hype? Note that every one of the experts on picked Woods to win. Don’t these guys follow golf? Don’t they recognize he was off for eight months? Guess not.

Tiger seemed to put things in perspective. Even the world’s greatest golfer, on the verge of a comeback not seen, apparently, since Ben Hogan’s brush with a bus, can lose to a hot golfer who finds fairways and greens and makes a few putts. Who knew?

When is Tiger back next? Not clear. I’m betting Doral or Bay Hill, but he’s keeping his cards close to his chest.

He wouldnt commit to when he would make his next appearance, which many expect to come in two weeks in Miami, but was heartened that his knee responded well and there wasn’t much residual rust evident from his eight-month layoff.

“I hit the ball well the last two days and that’s encouraging,” he said. “Also, the way my leg feels, after walking, and especially on this golf course, going up and down the cart paths, especially down the cart paths, my leg feels pretty good.”

So, where does he go from here?

“To the airport,” he cracked.

Truthfully Tiger is gone, but apparently not forgotten. According to the LA Times, NBC will focus on the golfer this weekend, even if he isn’t playing.

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