Marketing 101 – Stay Focused to Win

If you’re in the golf business and reading this, or any of the other marketing posts, it is smart to consider that your competition is not just the other businesses in the same industry. Your competition is every business vying for your customer attention and dollar. But consider yourself lucky in that you already have a product that you understand and a customer base (or potential customer base) that probably already talks the same language as you. This understanding gives you a leg up on other businesses when planning your marketing strategy. Too many businesses map out their marketing plans without knowing exactly what it is they are selling. Their team (usually made up of people not suited for creativity or developing marketing strategies) tends to be all over the place with everyone contributing ideas even before everyone agrees on exactly what the message is.

Though there are many tactics you can take when marketing your product, those of you in the golf industry have the benefit of understanding your product and knowing exactly who it appeals to. As a result you can specific campaigns with goals in mind and pretty much measure your success.

If you run a golf course, you can run specific promotions on discount rates, or lessons with the pro or pro shop equipment sales and see immediate results from your campaign.

If you’re a manufacturer you can design a campaign to build brand awareness or loyalty or you can design a plan around the launch of a new item in your line. At least you know and understand your target audience and need to take advantage of that.

The key in any marketing initiative is to have everyone understand the specific goal and have them further understand exactly how you intend to achieve that goal. If everyone on your team has an understanding of your product and somewhat of an understanding of your customer then you are likely to see success.

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