Markleting 101 – Twitter, Facebook et al

I’ve heard on way too many occasions from golf pros that the owners of their courses are too cheap to pony up for a rich website or just don’t believe in the internet! A golf course without the ability to put together a database of customers is a golf course destined to lose customers. But now there are even more opportunities to take advantage of on the internet that can help grow your business and customer loyalty more effectively.

By using social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can engage in direct conversation with your customers without having to be in the club house 24/7 and you can help point them to special offers and features on your website. The more they engage with you in all facets of online activity, the more they think of you first when booking tee times.

Here are just a few initial thoughts of how you can use social networking to your advantage:

1. You can ask customers for feedback on the conditions of your course, any concerns they have or what they thought of a particular promotion you ran.
2. You can flat out ask them why they didn’t play your course on a particular day.
3. You can send them up to the minute information about available tee times.
4. You can point them to instructional videos on your website.
5. You can put together foursomes or arrange mini-tournaments that can generate more business.

Those are just a start. You know that building business is a 24 hour a day job. With fewer people reading print, listing to the radio or watching TV, the time is long overdue to understand where you should have your marketing efforts.

Of course, as always, the most important factor is to have a product and offer a golf experience that people will want to keep returning to.

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