Golf Travel: Warm Weather for the Wicked Months

Over the coming week I’m going to be posting a number of articles to the new travel portion of our site. Most of them have been written over the past seven or eight years, but remain current with a few slight edits.

Today’s post is about the last building boom in the so-called “Golf Capital of the World.” Yep, Myrtle Beach — home to swimsuit shops, strip bars and tons of average golf. But there are some exceptions, including the Love Course at Barefoot Landing and Rivers Edge, an Arnold Palmer/Ed Seay design that had an exceptional site.

The story is here. Tomorrow I’ll post on Tom Fazio’s work at the Green Monkey in Barbados.

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Robert Thompson

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  • I will be heading to Barbados next week and look forward to the Green Monkey write-up. Currently I am planning to play just the Sandy Lane 9-hole Old Course. I really like the old-styled tree-lined fairways and also partly due to cost.

  • Many females, myself included, visit this website to read about golf. Is it really necessary to advertise the fact that strip bars exist in Myrtle Beach. How unique is that? They exist in Toronto. Let’s stay on message and talk about golf. I found your comments really degrading and unbecoming and sexist. Perhaps I am mistaken and this is site is intended only for the good old boys who love golf. If so, please let me know and I will endeavor to never return.

  • Offended Female, he’s pointing out a fact. Myrtle Beach is known for strip bars. Niagara Falls is known for strip bars. Las Vegas is known for strip bars. He is discussing a tourist destination’s reputation, not celebrating its strip bars. If anything, he suggests that the TPC is improving the area by moving *away* from the seedier model.

    He also mentions pancake houses. Should people who don’t like pancakes be offended?

  • robert,

    could you please not mention pancakes ever again in this space. myself and the PHOC-U (Pancake Haters of Canada – United!) will be boycotting your blog, and may consider legal action if the evil flat flour thing is ever discussed again.

    No Perspective.

  • Let me be clear: Never been in a strip bar and never eaten pancakes. However, as a good reporter, I felt the need to reference both. Next time I’ll put an NC17 rating at the top of the post.

    Seriously though — I wasn’t trying to offend anyone by simply telling the truth about Myrtle Beach’s gentlemen’s clubs….

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