Charges Dropped Against Former ClubLink Execs

Quietly the police dropped charges against two of those named in the ClubLink/Lake Joseph Club drinking incident that resulted in three dead youths. According to a report by Canadian Press:

Working with the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission, provincial police in Bracebridge laid 34 Liquor Licence Act charges against 16 people and Clublink Corp., which owns the golf club. But charges against Murray Blair and Jim Molenhuis were dropped today after the Crown conceded they weren’t actually working for Clublink when the accident occurred.

Can you say “oops?’

The only question I have is how did the two get named in the first place? Neither had worked for ClubLink for months before the alleged incident. In fact, I wonder how long it will take before the charges against the other directors – including those against high profile execs like Morguard/ClubLink CEO Rai Sahi, ClubLink founder Bruce Simmonds and others – are dropped as well. Once the headlines disappear – which is already the case – expect little effort to be put in by the crown in prosecuting this. However, I’d still expect Lake Joseph Club will lose its license for some period of time, and I wouldn’t want to be the server or the restaurant manager, who will certainly get hung out to dry on this one…

Full CP story is here.

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  • I was reading another press release on this matter, and it sounds like the reason why Murray and Jim were included in the charges was because their names were on the liquor license. Although Clublink claims they submitted the changes earlier in the year, the liquor board never received notification and when the charges were handed out, they included all names on the liquor license.

    Regardless, its good to see that their charges have been dropped.

  • Robert,
    I think you mentioned in a previous blog that perhaps only one new course (Turnberry) is opening in the GTA this year. I noticed late in the year that Cardinal (outside of Newmarket) seemed to be getting very close on their new 18, would it be opening this year?

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