All About Andrew: Weir's New Designer

A digital creation of one of the holes proposed for the a potential Weir Golf Design site near Predator Ridge in Vernon, B.C.

A digital creation of one of the holes proposed for the a potential Weir Golf Design site near Predator Ridge in Vernon, B.C.

I’ve posted several times about the newfound association between Mike Weir and Brantford golf designer Ian Andrew which was informally announced last week. Well if you want to know more, check out the feature interview Andrew did with website, which can be found here.

Andrew provides some insight into what kind of course the two might build together:

Ive spent quite a bit of time getting to know Mike better and to get an understanding of his architectural ideas. Hes had a lot of time to think about this since hes entertained the idea for quite a few years before deciding he was ready to commit the time involved. Hes even visited places like Sand Hills.

Ive enjoyed the fact that he can break down what makes the 10th hole at Riviera great. Hes also willing to share opinions on holes and courses that he doesnt want to emulate too. Im most impressed with Mikes focus on the smallest of details like the stance on the approach or the implications of a particular roll in the green and how that impacts his approach to the hole. Hes certainly a thinker in his approach to playing a course and this approach has helped make him keenly aware of the impact of certain design decisions. A great example of this is his love of long slow doglegs found at courses like Colonial “ where you have to work a little if you want to attack the holes. He would like to see us use that approach when we get the opportunity.

Interestingly Mikes ideas tend to focus on the average players ability to enjoy the game. In general, he wants us to build shorter courses with more variance in the yardages and more options available through our architecture. He sees width as being an important part of playability and for creating choices from the tee. Hes interested in pursuing ideas like central hazards and interior bunkering that keep width and still challenge better players. Mikes a huge fan of drivable fours and short par fours, and sees the potential for a couple on each course. He loves links golf and would like to see more short grass around greens and a bigger emphasis on chipping on his courses.

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