Lunch Between Nines: Weir's Route to 62

Mike Weir shot a 62, including an eagle on his final hole, at the Bob Hope Classic yesterday. But the fascinating story was that the break after his ninth hole was so long that he went for lunch:

Q. As well as you played the front and you have that momentum, how hard is it to not get frustrated by the long wait? Do you have to kind of talk yourself out of getting frustrated? And two, what did you have for lunch?

WEIR: Yeah, lunch, made six more birdies with the lunch. No, I wasn’t frustrated. I played with three great guys today. We were having a good time out there. I didn’t think of it as frustrating, I guess you kind of know that at this event sometimes have you a couple little waits, so yeah, I wasn’t frustrated by it, so I went out and just relaxed upstairs and had a sandwich and a salad and it was all right.

Q. When is the last time you remember having that big a break in between nines?

WEIR: Well sometimes in the pro-am formats you get that. I can’t remember the last time. But maybe Pebble Beach, maybe we had some waits there.

But it’s not very often. I notice that the other side didn’t have as long of a wait, so it might have been just circumstances today on that rotation on our side was a little bit longer. But it wasn’t too bad.

Who knew you could find the time for lunch between nines?

Weir’s full interview is here.

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  • RT, Thanks very much for that incredible insight. Can you find out what he had for lunch. Can you also determine whether he had a bathroom break, and if he did, was it a number 1 or a number 2 or a combination. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the happenings on the PGA Tour.

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