Hollidge Departs Bond Head

In a surprising turn of events that may foreshadow things to come, Nigel Hollidge, the past GM of Taboo and current GM of Bond Head, has been let go, according to a note he sent out to those in the industry this afternoon. Interestingly, Nigel spoke with me last week about the plight of the business and said the situation at Bond Head was up over last year and on track to do around 19,000 rounds per course.

I’ll talk more about the issues facing the business tomorrow, but here’s how Hollidge signed off:

As the new economic era ushers itself in; I find myself an unlucky casulty to these crazy times. Bond Head and Riverstone have been great projects and I take pride in the fact I was the catalyst to their successes. I wish both facilities continued success in the future.

Update: Apparently Jamie King, formerly of ClubLink and who joined Bond Head in 2007, will take over as director of sales and GM.

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  • I have played Bond Head on several occasions, as I have been invited to various tournaments that have been held at the course.

    I have never met Mr. Hollidge, nor do I know the reasons for this change.

    However, I am compelled to comment that, while I am not a huge fan of either course (not Mr. Hollidge’s doing, I imagine), I have always been extremely impressed by all aspects of the operations at the course (eg staff, clubhouse, customer service, promotional efforts to attaract customers, etc).

  • All I’ve got to say is I hope they keep David White around…he keeps that ship sailing when it is a zoo…

    One of the hidden heroes in GTA golf…

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