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I’m writing a feature this afternoon, so I’ll have to get back at this, but here is the Top 3 winners in Golf Digest’s Best New Course in Canada:

Best New Canadian:

1. Tobiano G. Course- Kamloops, B.C.
2. Wyndance G.C.- Uxbridge, ONT.
3. Cobble Beach G. Links- Owen Sound, ONT.

I’ll comment on them later — but I’ll leave you with one question: How long will there need to be a “best new” category in Canada? Not much is opening next year…

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  • If Cobble Beach was #3 I would have to assume there were only 3 new courses last year.

    I played there in June 2008 and while it may be a nice course it was in terrible shape. My grandson played in August and we went to pick him up, I walked the last two holes and 18 was no better then, than it was in June. He said the entire course was the same.

    To top it off we paid the top price in June, when they should have been offering off season rates due to the conditions.

    I really doubt I would go back for a long while.

  • Netz, I would suggest you don’t ever take a trip to Scotland or Ireland to play golf, you won’t enjoy it – as conditioning is so important to you. Also you may want to read up on the fact that Cobble Beach was supplied with contaminated seed and had to strip 100% of their fairways and re-seed them after the course had opened.

  • how was the seed “contaminated”? was that a supplier error, or grow-in error that ended up on the supplier?

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