Justin Timberlake and the FT-iQ: Bringing Sexy Back?

Being square is sexy — just ask Justin Timberlake.

Is Nike sexy? Nope. Is Titleist sexy? Nada. But Callaway -- she's sexy.

Is Nike sexy? Nope. Is Titleist sexy? Nada. But Callaway -- Oh yeah, baby!

So I’m in New York this morning, hanging with a crew of Canadian golf writers, heading to Callaway’s launch of its new FT-iQ driver. I’ll talk more about it later — but the driver is being endorsed by former boy band turned disco king/actor Timberlake. Or something like that. Anyway, instead of having Phil Mickelson here to talk about it (and Phil is in China anyway for the HSBC), we’ve got Timberlake. Actually it should be kind of interesting, and Canadian media are being given a few minutes to scrum the pop star.

Anyone got ideas for questions? I can think of a few:

  • You’ve had Britney and the FT-iQ — which was more satisfying?
  • Did you ever think you’d be endorsing a golf product when you were making all those fine choreographed dance moves with N-Sync?
  • You broke 100 in that silly US Open deal earlier this year — would you have broken 90 if you’d had the FT-iQ?

I’m sure there are others — any suggestions G4G readers?

In the end, we have some authorities on Callaway’s FT-iQ. First out is Fairway Stevie. And he loves the thing. Of course, Gear Guru James McCarten was duly impressed as well.

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  • Rob what an interesting way to launch a club. I was to go in place of Teddy, and I wish I was able but no dice. Hope your having a great time! I’m interested to read what comes of this launch, and to see if the driver actually hits the ball straighter.

  • Didn’t Celine one time endorse Callaway?

    As far as I am concerned, no golfers would buy a driver because of some popstar endorsement.

    Having said that, perhaps Callaway is expanding the market they can tap into. After all, isn’t the golfer population shrinking?

    As far as questions to ask, I can only think of one:
    – What shaft does Jessica Biel prefer? Long and extra stiff but hard to control, or regular length and stiffness for better control?

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