A first look at Nike’s Victory at the PGA Show

I strolled around the PGA Merch show in Toronto today and took a look at a bunch of new products getting ready to flood the market in 2009. Nike’s launch of the new Victory irons has intrigued me and I got a chance to hit them for the first time.

First of all a few observations. In the past I had my own issues with Nike clubs. Whether real or imagined, the clubs (irons and drivers) always felt weird in my hands. I always thought that the grip was small compared to other clubs and the weight of the club just never felt right. never mind the school bus that is their Sumo driver, even the irons didn’t look right. All of that is now past tense for me.

The Victory irons look slick. They are available as full blades, half cavity and full cavity back AND (thanks to a similar price point from one to the other), you can mix and match. You can either have all blades in your set or you can have some blades, some cavity and some half cavity. Anyway you want it, that’s the way you get it.

The Victory irons feels awesome. I have never been able to hit blades solidly but I was able to hit the 6 iron blade consistently with a nice pop. A launch monitor was set up and I saw the ball fly off the club at a regular 22 degrees. I took swings with the 6 iron half and full cavity backs as well and the feel was just as good. The blades are tiny (built to Tiger Woods’ specs) and might be a little intimidating to hit but they sure felt terrific on those 6 or 7 swings I took.

It’ll be interesting (and exciting) to see how the ball flies in the Spring when the weather clears up and we can watch them perform under real conditions.


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