D2 Man: “Playin’ safe golf’s like sippin’ cocoa”

It’s long been among the most maligned golf brands of all time, but if you haven’t noticed, Top-Flite _ dismissed by the single-digit set as architects of the world’s hardest golf ball _ has been carving out a new niche of late.

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ve surely seen Kenny Mayne of SportsCenter fame pitching Top-Flite’s new Gamer and Freak balls to supposedly unsuspecting golfers.

It’s all part of Callaway’s effort to breathe life into the moribund brand it purchased back in 2003 _ a deal that has already yielded significant dividends in terms of the impact of some of those Top-Flite patents on the research for Callaway’s own line of premium balls.

Does it work the other way? Has Callaway’s own proprietary research helped to rescue the Top-Flite line? We’ll explore that in a coming review of both the Freak and the Gamer balls.

In the meantime, check out the antics of D2 Man _ somebody’s ambitious and entertaining effort to take the brand viral _ here.

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