Score List: What I've Played

TorontoGolfNuts has a thread about the courses various list members have played from Score’s Top 100.

Here’s mine — courses I’ve played are in bold:

1. National Golf Club of Canada – Main Course
2. Hamilton Golf and Country Club – West-South Course
3. St. George’s Golf and Country Club – Main Course
4. Highlands Links Golf Club – Main Course
5. Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course – Main Course
6. Beacon Hall Golf Club – Main Course
7. Capilano Golf and Country Club – Main Course
8. The Links at Crowbush Cove – Main Course
9. The Royal Montreal Golf Club – Blue
10. Devil’s Paintbrush – Main Course
11. Banff Springs Golf Club – The Thompson Course
12. Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club – Main Course
13. Toronto Golf Club – Main Course
14. Rocky Crest Golf Club – Main Course
15. Blackhawk Golf Club – Main Course
16. Royal Colwood Golf Club – Main Course
17. Westmount Golf and Country Club – Main Course
18. Taboo Resort and Conference Centre – Main Course
19. Glen Abbey Golf Club – Main Course
20. Wolf Creek Golf Course – South / West
21. Bigwin Island Golf Club – Main Course
22. Devil’s Pulpit – Main Course
23. Eagles Nest Golf Club – Main Course
24. Red Tail Golf Course – Main Course
25. Humber Valley Resort – River Course
26. Muskoka Bay Club – The Muskoka Bay Golf Course
27. Kananaskis Country Golf Course – Mount Kidd Course
28. Coppinwood – Main Course
29. Oviinbyrd Golf Club – Oviinbyrd
30. Stewart Creek Golf Resort – Main Course
31. Mont Tremblant Resort – Le Geant
32. Glencoe Golf and Country Club – Glen Forest
33. Victoria Golf Club – Main Course
34. Le Maitre de Mont-Tremblant – Main Course
35. Dundarave Golf Course – Main Course
36. Osprey Valley Golf Club – Heathlands
37. Greywolf Golf Course – Main Course
38. Mississauga Golf and Country Club – Main Course
39. King Valley Golf Club – Main Course
40. Kananaskis Country Golf Course – Mount Lorette Course
41. Brantford Golf and Country Club – Main Course
42. Glen Arbour Golf Course – Main Course
43. Georgian Bay Golf Club – Main Course
44. Dakota Dunes Golf Links – Dakota Dunes Golf Course
45. Copper Creek Golf Club – Main Course
46. Nicklaus North Golf Course – Main Course
47. Fox Harb’r Resort – Main Course
48. Weston Golf and Country Club – Main Course
49. Salmon Arm Golf Club – Championship Course
50. Deerhurst Highlands Golf Course – Deerhurst Highlands
51. Chateau Whistler Golf Club – Main Course
52. St. Thomas Golf and Country Club – Main Course
53. Scarboro Golf and Country Club – Main Course
54. Rosedale Golf Club – Main Course
55. Bell Bay Golf Club – Main Course
56. Magna Golf Club – Main Course
57. Deer Ridge Golf Course – Main Course
58. Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club – Raven
59. Calgary Golf and Country Club – Main Course
60. Le Diable – Main Course
61. Wooden Sticks Golf Club – Main Course
62. Bear Mountain Golf and Country Club – Main Course
63. Oakdale Golf and Country Club – Course 2 & 3
64. Marine Drive Golf Club – Main Course
65. Predator Ridge Golf Resort – Red Tail/Peregrine
66. Cobble Beach Golf Links – Main Course
67. Essex Golf and Country Club – Main Course
68. Summit Golf and Country Club – Main Course
69. Angus Glen Golf Club – South Course
70. Eagle Ranch Golf Course – Main Course

71. London Hunt and Country Club – Main Course
72. Black Bear Ridge Golf Course – Main Course
73. Heron Point Golf Links – Main Course
74. Eagle Creek Golf Course – Main Course
75. Mayfair Golf and Country Club – Main Course
76. Mount Bruno Country Club – Main Course
77. Osprey Valley Golf Club – Hoot
78. The Ridge at Manitou Golf Club – Main Course
79. Heritage Pointe Golf Club – Desert / Heritage
80. Cataraqui Golf and Country Club – Main Course
81. Big Sky Golf and Country Club – Main Course
82. Bayview Country Club – Main Course
83. Radium Resort – The Springs Course
84. Sunningdale Golf and Country Club – THOMPSON COURSE
85. Gallagher’s Canyon Golf and Country Club – Main Course
86. Lookout Point Country Club – Main Course
87. Le Club Laval-Sur-Le-Lac – Green Course
88. Maple Downs Golf and Country Club – Main Course
89. Beaconsfield Golf Club – Main Course
90. Westwood Plateau Golf and Country Club – Main Course
91. Links of GlenEagles Golf Course – Main Course
92. Delta The Lake Joseph Club – Main Course
93. Wildfire Golf Club – Wildfire Golf Club
94. Thornhill Golf & Country Club – Main Course
95. Granite Golf Club – Main Course
96. Pine Ridge Golf Club – Main Course
97. Mad River Golf Club – Main Course
98. Credit Valley Golf and Country Club – Main Course
99. Club at Bond Head – South Course
100. Brudenell River Golf Course – Main Course

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  • Robert, on a similar, but not identical note, I’ve used Microsoft’s Live Maps to make a “collection” of all the golf courses I’ve played. It’s actually pretty neat to put a little pin on a map of everywhere you’ve played.

    That’s a pretty impressive list – you’ve got a great job!

  • WOW!!

    Take a pill. RT does write some controversial things but that what he is supposed to do.

    What’s your credentials? At least we know his!!!

  • WOW

    What right do you have to say what you said. Do you know RT personally and keep a time schedule for him.

    Just because you might disagree with what he says and some of his points on certain aspects of golf does not mean he did not play these courses.

    Perhaps he even shot 120 for every game but that does not mean he did not play them.

  • wow, if you don’t like RT’s work then why are visiting this blog? perhaps you should surf for an anger management site or something to get yourself some help

  • Wow! what an asinine comment. If you read anything RT has written you can tell that he has been to all the places and played all the courses he is talking about.
    He is a regular contributor to our forum and always provides excellent insight into what we are discussing.
    And your credentials are?????

  • I don’t understand why it would be in question whether he played these courses or not. Is it some hard to attain feat to have played all those courses?

  • I believe he has played them…that’s what he does…Plays Golf & writes about it…we’re all jealous (but not about the ‘writing’ part)

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