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I just completed a survey for Golftown and when I clicked “submit” I got a notice that their server in undergoing maintenance. They have now lost me. I have deleted the link to their survey and I won’t be doing it again. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Online surveys can be an invaluable tool. I took time to fill out the Golftown survey for a chance to enter to win a $500 gift certificate. Realistically this isn’t much of an incentive. A better incentive would be a guaranteed gift (redeemable at your golf course) for each survey filled out. This is a great way to gather information from your customers about their experience at you facility as well as a way to build your data base and mailing list.

Here are a few points to make sure your survey is effective:

1) Decide what information you want from your customers and tailor the questions towards gathering only that information.
2) Make sure that you don’t have too many questions on the survey (10 is a good number).
3) Make sure that there is a way to collect the entrants e-mail address for your files.
4) You are asking them for a piece of their time, so make it worth their while (an incentive gift that is redeemable at your golf course is appreciated and brings them back to play again).
5) Make sure your server is going to be fully operational for the duration of the survey

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  • Glad to hear it happened to someone else. I thought maybe I had done something wrong. That is really annoying when you take the time to fill it out and then can’t submit it. Very poor.

  • Perhaps they DID get the answers but instead of a confirmation page, they put up an “out of service” page so they don’t have to recognize receipt and therefore not give out the gift cards….

  • I just came across your post. Thought I was the only one. Tried filling it out twice and no luck back in august. Not the longest survey in the world to fill out but pretty frustrating nonetheless. When the make you do things like list ten things in order of importance to you…then the server message pops up its frustrating. I sent an email about it, golftown sent a form letter apology and invite to do it again…i replied no thanks…twice already was one too much.

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