2008 RBC canadian Open: Anthony Kim is the next PGA Superstar

Chances are that we’ll never hear from Chez Reavie again. An even better bet is that Anthony Kim is primed to be the next Superstar of the PGA Tour. How do I know? It’s not the media hype or the two wins earlier this season. I know that he’s the next superstar because I walked all of the final eighteen holes with Kim and Reavie on Sunday and watched and listened to the crowd.

There were shouts of “take it to ’em, AK,” and “Atta boy, you got him where you want him!” There were kids with homemade t-shirts that said “Anthony Kim is gonna win”. You could feel the crowd trying to will every one of his putt in to the hole. They screamed with every booming drive and cheered each approach shot. They rode an emotional roller coaster throughout the round and they left poor Chez in their dust. Even though Chez led for almost the entire round the crown was only polite to the meticulous way he negotiated Glen Abby. There man, Kim, on the other hand was gallant and swashbuckling. He smacked the ball at every pin and bolded tried to save himself time and time again.

Anthony Kim has Kharisma. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. His shoulders buckles when he misses a putt or a shot falls short and he struts like a peacock after he tags a monster drive. In short, except for the talent, he’s just like us. Even the way he got sloppy at the end of his round, just trying to end the misery was just like us. Anthony Kim is like us in so many ways. And in the ways he is not like us (driving distance and greens in regulation) we wish we were like him.

I know that Anthony Kim is going to be the next superstar because I saw the faces in the crowd that followed him on Sunday. The were young. The were black. They were white. They were Asian. They were macho beer chuggers and they were middle aged couples.

Anthony Kim talked to Chez Reavie throughout the round. On the 6th tee box he at his ass down on the tee block for their extended wait. He talked to the fans, the markers, the standard bearer and the two guys who we honourary something or other following the group around.

Anthony Kim says that he tries not to try too many hero shots. he says that he tries not to go after too many sucker pins. he says that he tries to slow his game down. See, these are the very same things we swear we won’t do on any given weekend. See, Anthony Kim is just like us. Except he’s going to be the next superstar on the PGA Tour.

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