Thoughts From Day 1 of Canadian Open Week

Canadian OpenI spent yesterday afternoon caddying for Alan McLean from London, Ont. at Rattlesnake Point GC in Milton, Ont. Alan’s round was derailed by a wayward tee shot on the fifth hole, and though Alan got it together on the back nine — making five birdies against no bogeys — it was too late to make a run at that point (yes, the fifth was that bad). The qualifying event seemed haphazard. Our 2:18 tee time was pushed back by an hour, and tee times for some golfers were moved apparently at their request when they couldn’t make it for morning rounds after a tournament in Winnipeg. There was plenty of bitching on the practice range about that. This meant the playoff of four golfers for three spots was played in near dark. But beyond that, the course was set up short and easy — which doesn’t make sense to me, when those that qualify will face a long and nasty Glen Abbey … Good to see Todd Halpen from Calgary make it through, shooting 66. He took an odd route to the Canadian Open. With a good job in the oil industry, he worked and made enough money to finance his own run at pro golf … The Score Awards went off last night, with many luminaries from Canadian golf showing up. I managed to get there for a Coors Lite to shake some hands before heading home … Lesson learned from the Score Awards: Turns out that most in the golf industry go home early and apparently aren’t big fans of mild alt-country, or maybe they just don’t like Jim Cuddy … Interesting to see Andrew Parr get offered an exemption into the Canadian Open when Wes Hefferman qualified his way into the tournament. Parr is playing some good golf at the moment Edit: I had initially thought Bradford was skipped for Parr, but it is now clear that wasn’t the case. The CanTour entrants are John Ellis, Daniel Im, Adam Bland, George Bradford, Dustin Risdon … Notah Begay was supposedly trying to qualify for the Canadian Open yesterday. I didn’t see him, but who knew he still played pro golf? Oops, 24 times on the PGA Tour in the last three years. Remember when this guy was one of the better players in golf who putted from both the left and right side depending on the break? … Lots of talk about the chances of Mike Weir winning at Glen Abbey. Chances of him pulling it off this year? Always some hope, but I wouldn’t wager on it … Wonder how they’ll set up Glen Abbey? It rained all weekend and more rain is scheduled for today through to the end of the week.

Tomorrow: At Glen Abbey for the Pro-Am and media interviews

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  • RT,

    Ellis, Im , Bland, Bradford and Risdon were top 5 at Cantour and got their exemptions after Edmonton event. Heffernan had an invite before he won at Winnipeg which then meant he qualified so there was an open spot. This group makes up the top 6 on the Order of Merit after Winnipeg and Parr is #7. Don’t think the RCGA skipped anyone.


  • Dave: I think you’re bang on. I thought Bradford didn’t get in– and they picked Parr over him, but that’s clearly not the case.

  • I put myself out in front and stand by what I write — you, however, check the blog several times and day (which is hysterical if I’m as bad as you say) and spew ad hominem vitriol. Step up, you coward, and take your best shot — maybe you can show what a big man you are and use your own name this time.

  • Robert – aren’t you getting a little ahead of yourself? Day 1 should be Thursday – Monday would be Day -2.

  • Wayne: Valid point. Headline writing was never my forte. Altered to read: Day 1 of Canadian Open Week. Will that suffice?

  • Thursday is Day 4, Round 1.

    Robert – good man for keeping #3 up – a lazy slob and – and!- a p.o.s. It may be over the top.

  • Can you tell if my pass for Thursday will be honoured on Friday as ir was rained out today. thanks

  • I think you’re SOL since there was play in the morning, but I’d check with the tournament if I were you.

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