Gear Review: adidas Tour360 LTD Shoes


Gear Review: adidas Tour360 LTD
MSRP: $299.99

What they say:

  • The adidas Tour360 LTD features Thin-Tech, a new low-profile shoe construction with 10 cleats that brings the golfer closer to the ground for improved stability and better connection to the ground to increase the consistency and purity of ball-striking.
  • The Tour360 LTD also has a striking design, with off-center stitching, hand-burnished full-grain leather uppers, refined waxed laces, vented perforations, and an asymmetrical mono-tongue construction with leather lining. It sports a two year waterproof warranty
  • THINTech low-profile technology promotes solid ball-striking through added stability and improved footwork
  • Full footbed POWERBAND CHASSIS limits midsole compression and stabilizes the perimeter of the swing foundation. This helps harness 100% of the power generated by the swing and delivers it to the ball at impact.
  • Split outsole Tour Platform features 10-cleat Traxion configuration for secure grip and stability.
  • 360WRAP with Mono-Tongue construction – 360WRAP is a midfoot support system and steady central shank that together surround and bolster the foot, promoting a stable, tour-caliber platform.
  • Hand finished full-grain leather for a rich look and long-lasting durability
  • 3D FitFOAM: Customized support – Three densities of foam in the sock liner create the ultimate performance foot bed. A polyurethane base layer provides outstanding support from heel to toe. A cushioning layer in the heel absorbs shock, while memory foam adapts to the contours of each athlete’s forefoot.
  • CLIMAPROOF: Cool and dry inside – ClimaProof employs a combination of technologies to deliver 100% waterproof protection. The first layer wicks inside moisture to the shoe’s surface, while the second layer surrounds the foot with a waterproof membrane.

What we say: I wore Adidas 360 shoes last year (review here), and while I loved their athletic performance, they didnt hold their appearance well. Now Im harder on shoes than a southern debutante at a disco, but I expected the shoes to hold up better than they did.
Thankfully thats exactly the case with the Tour 360 Ltd. shoes. Ive been wearing the black shoes for the past half-dozen rounds, and aside from a slight soreness in my feet after a particularly long round at Highlands Links a few weeks back, the shoes have been remarkably comfortable. I recently wore the shoes for more than 10 hours over the course of a round of golf and then covering an event, and found them as easy and comfortable as my best running shoes.
And while I had issues with the white covering on my 360 shoes from last year peeling, theres no such case with the newest version of the shoes. The black on black models, accented with hardly red piping, that Ive been wearing have held their look surprisingly well, though Ive covered more back country with them searching for balls than a Sherpa.
These are also exceptionally stable shoes “ and if your swing is built from the ground up “ as most are “ these are a fine link to the ground.
There are a lot of great golf shoes on the market “ those from Footjoy, Ecco and others “ but these shoes rank with the very best. There are no gimmicks here “ just a modern, athletic shoes that performs well and feels great. If youre open to a non-classic look, Id start with the Tour360 Ltd.

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  • Addis has been the worsatile Brand, you can see its products what ever it has introduced has been the hottest thing in the market and look at this i really love these cuz i am a sportsman and i know its importance.

  • gear shoes is really good to see and i like its base so much because its really different then other shoes to make it unique among other competitors

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