Andrew on St. George's — Best Course Outside of Majors, Riviera

Lorne Rubenstein has a good column on the selection of St. George’s for the 2010 Canadian Open. Among those he spoke with were Ian Andrew, the golf designer who conducted the restoration of the club’s bunkering a number of years ago. Andrew is effusive in his praise of the course:

“The one thing I can say for sure is they will all say this is the best course they played all year outside the majors and perhaps Riviera [in Los Angeles],” Andrew said.

Interesting, it was apparently Richard Zokol who swayed the naysayers to vote to hold the tournament:

The members certainly want to see how the pros will handle their gem. They voted 90 per cent in favour of the club taking the tournament. Field said he knew of a dozen or so members who planned to vote no, but who changed their minds when the RCGA’s professional golf advisor Richard Zokol addressed them last week.

“Zokol made an impassioned speech about golf in Canada and our responsibility to it,” Field said.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all turns out. I think it is a terrific move, but apparently there are no guarantees the tournament will be held at St. George’s more than once. Political and club issues kept the RCGA from making a multi-year deal with St. George’s. This could be the real stumbling block behind the RCGA’s desire to create a rotation of courses to hold the Canadian Open.

Lorne’s story is here.

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  • Hmm… good question. My initial take? No. I think they may get more than three from the Top 25 on the money list in two years time, but I doubt more than three the first go round. They need to sell the course the first time and get more to show up the second time, though that appears far from a guarantee.

  • Here’s an even better question: if the first prize money for winning the Canadian Open was triple its current value at say $3.3 million would this be enough to sway more within the Top 25 to show up. My guess: unfortunately not. And that’s one of the great problems with the PGA Tour.

  • I would not be that sure…………….$$$$$ talks and you would certainly see more than 3 of the Top 25 show up ………..

    Look whats bringing many of the best players to The Dubai World Championship end of 2009. Largest purse in the World $10 million. Winner picks up $1.67 million.
    “The scale of this agreement is testament to the vision of Dubai and its ruler His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who has recognized the dynamic role golf can play in developing the global profile of this amazing city. It is also testament to Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, who has been instrumental in turning that vision into reality.” OIL $$$$ OIL…0&select=24432

  • Nope !! Spent a couple of days at the Presidents Cup last September. Tiger, Phil, Ernie, and most of the top players in the World. Royal Montreal was only 1 hr. 45 minutes away from Ottawa………..Think you would have trouble getting from one side of T.O. to the other in that time.
    Cdn Women’s Open is being held this summer at the Ottawa Hunt Club. Annika, Paula, Lorena have committed.

    So I have and will see plenty of Tour Players in action.

    Also, as Rob T. previously pointed out”Talk is that Terrebonne, the long delayed project Angus Glen owner has been working on (it is supposed to be a Tom Fazio design and long ago completed) may have hit a fork in the road and may not ever be finished. The RCGA must be breathing a sigh of relief, since the Terrebonne deal was one struck by Stephen Ross, the former ED. It would open the RCGA up to including Royal Montreal in the rotation, a course that held up well at the Presidents Cup.”

    So the Open will likely be held again at RMGC, another short drive…………

  • Forgetting what the field might be, St. George’s will be the winner, as Ancaster/Hamilton Golf Club was. It will be interesting to see the scores, even if the top 25 don’t show.

  • Where do I buy the tickets now!!!

    Getting access to a Canadian Gem will turn some expected no’s to positive yes’s…

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