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[photopress:Going_For_Green_rgb.jpg,full,alignleft]Almost two years ago I agreed to set out on an unusual adventure. Spurred by the sales of the book I wrote on behalf of Ron Joyce, my agent wanted a new project out of me. I had some choices, but didn’t want to write another book with some bigwig — at least not at that point. I wanted to be selfish; I wanted to write my own book.

I tossed around a few ideas, and came up with the idea of revisiting the golf and business series I had written for three years when I was on staff at the National Post. I’d reinvent Going for the Green, for which this blog is named, as a book, playing games with some of the originals from the series and a handful of new participants. I started playing with bigwigs (Norm Keevil of Teck Cominco was first, at a wet Shaughnessy G&CC just over a year ago), and then wasted away most of the summer either heading to or coming from Pearson.

Here are the totals:

21 rounds played (of which 20 are chronicled in the book)

1 set of luggage and clubs lost (by Air Canada. They were later found and couriered at great cost to me at Fox Harb’r)

1 greater appreciation of Westjet

0 rainouts

3 months spent writing

21 chapters taking in 103,251 words written

2 months spent editing, revising, etc.

Followed by four months of, well, waiting.

Today the waiting comes to an end, at least sort of. The G4G book has been on store shelves for a week or so, and I know a number of people who’ve read it all (including designer Tom McBroom, who is in the book, and called it “entertaining” and “fast-paced,” in an e-mail to me.)

This afternoon at Angus Glen GC, a club that has played a very important role in developing my career as a golf writer (I’ll tell that story at some point), I’m hosting about 20 media, friends, industry types and peers for a game of golf. A few key people — like Ontario Golf editor Ted McIntyre — unfortunately can’t be there, but a lot of my best friends and supporters will be. We’re having a reception aftrward, and with that the book will be launched.

Globe golf columnist Lorne Rubenstein, who is a veteran of the golf book release, sent me an email recently saying that there’s nothing like when the box of books arrives at your house and you get to see the final product. I couldn’t agree more. In some ways the launch will actually mark an end for me — the end of this project (though there’s still plenty of work to be done in promoting it), the completion of the biggest writing assignment I’ve ever undertaken.

Though at different points in the process I pledged never to write another book again (my long-suffering golf widow can attest to that), but that now appears pretty unlikely. I have a couple of offers to tackle new projects, two of which will likely happen next year.

In the meantime, I’m pleased to announce the official launch of Going for the Green: On the Links with Canada’s Business and Political Elite. .

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