What's Wrong with Weir?

That’s the question most will be asking after a 42 on the back nine left him well down the leaderboard at the Wachovia Championship yesterday.

Weir started the year well, having one bad day — Sunday unfortunately — at the Mercedes, finishing fourth. Since then, the picture has been murky. There was a bunch of missed cuts and a tie for 17th at the World Golf Championships, followed by a 20th showing at the Masters. This week’s tournament is his first since the Masters, and he’ll be at the Players next week.

So what is the problem? Looking at his stats, it is hard to determine:


The stack and tilt teaching apparently hasn’t made him any longer off the tee — a distant 127th on tour and averaging less than 280 off the tee. That will put pressure on his irons, but his greens in regulation stat is solid at 44th on tour. In fact, his stats don’t add up. How can one by 44th in GIR and 27th in putting, but 117th in scoring average? If he’s hitting greens and making putts, how can his scoring average be 71.17? It doesn’t make sense.

Weir has said he spent so much time fixing his swing that he lost focus on his short game. That could be true — but the stats don’t support it.

I can’t figure it out — so I’ll throw it out to G4G readers? Thoughts? Is it just a matter of time before things fall into place? Today Weir is 1-over through 6, so that’s an improvement, but still…

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  • My guess is just too many big mistakes…too many doubles or triples, which definitely explains his Thursday round (one of each I believe).

  • Mike comes from the land famous for double/double and if there was a stat showing doubles or worse, he’d be leading it.

  • His 127th in driving distance combined with 49th in accuracy combines to a very bad overall driving stat. Although he is hitting the greens – 44th GIR, he is not hitting close to the pins and his putting is not bad at all (27th) BUT that is mostly 2 -putting for pars. He is not scoring well. If you are going to be 127th in distance, you must be more accurate than 49th with your driver. If you can’t bomb it, you need to place your drives on good angles so you can attack the pins and score. Easy to say, but hard to do. Mr. Weir has much work to do if he wants to be near the top.

  • Another thing is his performance on Par threes. He currently ranks 102nd while he is inside the top 25 on both Par 5s and Par4s.

  • I don’t know what’s wrong with him, but my applause to RT for posting this article. No Canadian writers will ever say a bad word about Weir, even when he went winless for 3 years, he’s “rebuilding” or “he’s hurt”, maybe it has something to do with his schedule. He plays a Tiger schedule and he’s not Tiger, if Mickelson went 3 years without winning the media would burn him at the stake, but not dear Weirsy, gotta be nice because he’s Canadian, I say expect more out of him because he’s Canadian.

  • When Mike won the Frys tournament in Arizona in the Fall he was:
    2nd in Birdies
    2nd in GIR
    1st in Sandsaves
    10th in Total Putts per GIR

    That might tell you something.

    Watched him at the Presidents Cup and he was a machine.
    Hitting all the fairways, greens and was making those long 10 to 20 foot putts.
    Maybe he needs to go one on one with Tiger to get his game in gear again……….

  • Come on now, we all know that Tiger’s mind was elsewhere when Weir beat him at the Pres cup, not saying Tiger wasn’t trying, he just didn’t give his all.

  • Stack and Tilt is what’s wrong with Weir!!!!
    My God before these guys got a hold of him his swing was
    PERFECT………… I don’t understand people that listen to sheer crap. Plummer and Bennet actually use pictures of Hogan and Nicklaus in horrible postitions to prove what they say is correct. And they don’t even know it’s when these guys were playing bad…….Which was not very often.
    Mike can be fixed in one afternoon by someone that understands the golf swing….
    When Weir beat Tiger in the singles a while back it’s only because Gary Player told Weir he was reverse pivoting and he was working on bad information. He went back to his old swing for a round and won!!!!!!
    Steve Wozeniak PGA Director of Instruction Bellevue/Lake Spanaway Golf Courses

  • Tiger always wants to “kick his opponents butt” whether its cards or golf………watch 60 minutes interview…………….

  • I agree with Steve and, he needs to play more until he starts to win again. I liked his “old game” and he’ll find it on tour.

  • Looks like Weir is playing ‘consistently mediocre’ golf, therefore his money rank, world rank, and FedEx Cup points reflect just that.

    He also needs to get his mind out of seeing himself as the top echelon player and choose to only play in high profile events.

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