Contest: G4G Book and a Free Round at Eagles Nest GC

RT’s note: Just a quick reminder to anyone wanting to enter this contest that I’m closing it for entries on April 29, the day of the official launch of Going For the Green. I’ve had more than 40 entries, but come on — two free rounds at Eagles Nest. Price: $370. Lunch after the round in Jim and Garry’s Pub? Price: $50. Hanging out with me for an afternoon? Well, maybe not priceless, but I will give you a copy of my book and sign it. Currently it is going for $18.87 on Amazon … so that is something!

As regular (and perhaps even occasional) readers know, I’ve got a [photopress:g4gbook_1.jpg,full,alignright]new book out that hits the market at the end of the month. I’m thrilled to say my author copies have already come in — and I’m going to give two copies away. The first prize winner will not only get a copy of Going for the Green: On the Links with Canada’s Business and Political Elite, a book that will give them insight into whether Toronto Mayor David Miller’s game matches his left-leaning politics, as well as what Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams has to say over a few Coors, and hear Ron Joyce talk about Fox Harb’r, but they’ll also get a chance to invite a friend along for a free round at Eagles Nest GC in Maple, Ont. Yep, Eagles Nest — that super cool, high-end public track just north of Toronto which I tend to refer to as my home course. Oh, and for better or worse, I’m coming along for the round, will sign the book and buy the lucky winner lunch.

Second prize isn’t quite as cool — just a signed copy of the book mailed to your home. But man, you’ll get to spend a few quality hours reading what took me nearly a year to research and write — so that should be a big enough prize on its own.

Anyway, I can’t just give this away — there’s got to be a skill-testing question.

So here it is: There are 20 profiles of some of Canada’s best-known business and political leaders in the G4G book. I’ve named three in the paragraph above. Your mission, should you want to play Eagles Nest, is to find the names of three others (it isn’t that hard), and in a sentence or two, tell me the one that intrigues you most and why. Didn’t want this to be too much like your Grade 10 social studies class, but I can’t just give away $400 in golf and literature (as well as my delightful company), now can I?

Email your response, as well as your details — phone, address, etc., to The contest will conclude on the day the book is officially released — April 29. I’ll announce the winner the following day.

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  • Hi Mr. Thompson.
    My foursome would love to play golf and spend the day with you at eagles nest.
    Wish me luck.

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