More Booisms After Verizon Win

Everyone’s favourite backwoods redneck, Boo Weekley, managed to win for the second straight year at Harbor Town. The [photopress:d905rqoo0.jpg,full,alignright]best part? Getting to read Boo’s post-win press conference. H wants the kids to be like him, except without the chewing tobacco! He’s looking to quit the game if someone will pay him to hunt and fish! Priceless stuff. Here’s a selection of the best stuff:

Q. Had you rehearsed something?
BOO WEEKLEY: No. I wanted to do the moonwalk, the belly-roll. No, I didn’t rehearse nothing.

Q. Do you think the adrenaline and your emotional state today had anything to do with you getting the rights?
BOO WEEKLEY: No, ma’am, I had the rights all day. I had them all week with the driver and a little bit with the iron. I was standing on the tee box or on the practice round this morning and I had the pulls.
This golf is a crazy game. That’s why I only want to do it for so long and get out of it (laughter).

Q. Golf has always had an elitist label on it. Do you think you might be an inspiration to guys out there who talk like you and chew like you?
BOO WEEKLEY: I’m pretty sure I do. I hope it’s mostly the kids. That’s who you want to touch anyway is the kids. And I hope they don’t chew.

Q. You said you only want to play this game a little while and go do something else. What is it you’d like to do when you get done with this?
BOO WEEKLEY: Where you been? (Laughter). Where have you been? I don’t want to do nothing but hunt and fish.

Q. I thought you might have to have another profession in mind.
BOO WEEKLEY: That’s it, hunting and fishing. That’s a profession.

Q. They’re going to pay you to hunt and fish?
BOO WEEKLEY: You never know. I might work for Mossy Oak.

Q. What about the trophy?
BOO WEEKLEY: I don’t know, we’re in the middle of building our house, it might sit in the barn for a couple of days or couple of months or however long it takes to finish the house.

Q. You could fit it on the hood of the truck?
BOO WEEKLEY: No, that ain’t going to go on the hood.

Q. Did you wear that jacket getting any deer?
BOO WEEKLEY: I don’t know. I’m not going to try.

Q. How excited are you about the 4500 FedExCup points you won?
BOO WEEKLEY: I’m pretty excited. Yeah, it’s great to be able to get up there. My goal is to be in the top 20. And to be able to move in where I can go play the British and all that, the World Ranking points and everything. Every little bit helps. And this helps out a lot. So now I’ll be able to sit back, if I’m not playing well, at least I’ve got a little cushion there, you know.

Q. That’s your jacket, now. The one they put on your last year when you won, does this fit better? How did that one fit you?
BOO WEEKLEY: It fits about the same. This time I didn’t have fortune cookies in it. Last year I had fortune cookies on it. Mr. Wilmot had cookies down there, he. Ate at a Chinese place, I think (laughter). He got some cookies stuck in there.

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