Marketing 101 – Tiger Woods is Coming

What would you do if you knew that Tiger Woods was going to come and play your golf course tomorrow? You would round up your staff a day ahead of time and make sure that everyone knew exactly what was expected of them. There would be staff lined up in the parking lot to welcome him and make sure his bag came out of his car and were waiting by the first tee when he got out there. You would make sure that every square inch of clubhouse was vacuumed and cleaned. You’d make sure that your entire kitchen and wait staff were on duty ready to prepare whatever he wanted to eat or drink before, during or after his round. All of your pros and assistant pros would be in the pro shop to make sure he gets signed in and your pro shop would be spick and span with all the clubs and clothing in their proper place. You’d make sure that every inch of your golf course was mowed and swept of dew (he plays really early, you know) and that the pins were in their best positions. You will have made sure that your grounds team was out there ding all of the work early enough that they would be done by the time he hit his first tee shot. At the end of the round you would come out to the 18th hole and ask him how his round of golf went and your staff would make sure that his clubs got back in the car.

So, if Tiger Woods isn’t coming to play your course tomorrow, is there any reason why every who is coming to play can’t be treated that way. let’s face it, the only difference between Tiger and your regular customers is THEY PAY.

(special thanks to Seth Godin for the idea)

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