Update — Technical Glitches Cut Into Coverage

G4G reader “Mike,” apparently has an affiliation with,the site broadcasting parts of the tournament online. Strange they didn’t do more promotion for the site in advance of the tournament, but he points out their coverage in a comment from yesterday.

Here’s when you can watch from your desk at work, not that I’m encouraging that sort of behaviour, of course…

Date — Amen Corner Live — Hole Nos. 15 and 16
Thursday April 10 10:45am – 5:45pm EST 11:45am – 6:45pm EST
Friday April 11 10:45am – 5:45pm EST 11:45am – 6:45pm EST
Saturday April 12 11:45am – 5:45pm EST 12:45pm – 6:30pm EST
Sunday April 13 11:45am – 5:45pm EST 12:45pm – 6:30pm EST

Writer’s Update: As anyone can see from the comments, this service is spotty at best. I’ve tried it twice, it lasted for about 45 seconds and then tuned me out, saying “there is no live coverage.” Really? If this was supposed to catch some attention, then it has — just the wrong kind. I’m sure more people than just G4G readers are becoming frustrated and tuning out.

And more… just got off the phone with someone at the company that controls the right’s to the Internet broadcast in Canada. They say the problem is bandwidth-based and stems from IBM, which runs the technical elements of the telecast. Apparently they are desperately searching for a solution.

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  • We still don’t get as much coverage as the US as Masters Extra, which is a bonus hour of coverage each day, is not available on

  • is completely flakey. It comes up with video for about 50 seconds then flakes out. complete flop.

  • is run by: Graham Sanborn Media
    Ltd., Tel: (416) 690-0142

    for anyone who may be interested in letting them know their feed isn’t working properly.

  • Thanks for the update Robert. I knew someone in Canada was paying attention to the online Masters fiasco last year. It looks like we’ve got a whole new set of problems this time around. At least someone is trying to make it available to Canadians…

  • I am really intrigued by the contest these guys are running. To win the $1M first prize, one must correctly pick the top 10 finishers, IN ORDER of finish. Based on a player field of 93, the propability of making such a prediction is about one in


    That pretty well says that nobody will be able to do that.

  • Hey Mathwiz:

    Assuming there is actually some math behind your numbers, does your calculation assume that there is no material difference between golfers? In other words, it is equivalent to lining up 93 numbers and randomly choosing an order…and then have someone in the contest choose exactly the same order for the top 10 finishers?

    However, that assumption implicitly says that Tiger Woods and Gary Player have the same chance of winning? In reality that is not the case so would the odds of correctly choosing the top 10 finishers not be lower?…albeit still outrageously remote…

  • Yes, my calculation is based on an equal probability that any player can end up in position 1, 2, 3, etc, out of the entire field. In reality, we should likely discount the field for the 10 players or so that have no real possibility of finishing in the top 10. I haven’t done that, because that will likely not change the probability by very much.

    The chance of correctly selecting the top 10 in order is extremely remote, even if we discount the field to the top 80 or so of having a possibility of reaching the top 10.

    Think of it this way. The probability of picking 6 out of 39 numbers in the lottery is 1 in 40 million (and remember that in the lottery, order is not important). Picking the top 10 IN ORDER out of a field of 80 is well, very remote.



  • Wow this is a bust….cant access it, cant watch video can navigate anywhere. I would love to know who was the technical consultant for this one.

  • duped Augusta National and thousands of Canadian golf fans who were promised more. Reading Globe Sports today it appears the Canadian rightsholder underestimated this undertaking in every way.

    Very likely they sold a bill of goods to Augusta and couldn’t deliver. And it’s hard to believe IBM is to blame given its record as a lead supplier of online sports events globally.

    This can’t possibly be what Augusta National had in mind when they sold web rights for Canada.

  • This is an absolute joke…I’ve never been able to get access since the tournament started. What a sickening display by Canadian media!!

  • This is unbeleiveable..and here I was ready to slack off a bit this afternoon and catch a few holes on the internet. I was peeved that I could not catch the drivng range like in years past with, and was happily surprised to see the adverts on TSN. Now the server is overloaded??? I guess it is back to work..oh before I go….you know I like the internet viewing as it beats the CBS broadcast…does CBS lay the “hallowed grounds” stuff thicker ever year or what? – why doesn’t CBS take thier cameras out side the gate and show the hallowed grounds that border the golf course..for those who have been there ,and taken a bit of wrong turn near the course we can tell you it is an eye opener – no Azaleas there

  • At least still works. You can at least look at the scores You can’t even get to site.

  • Is Masters Extra available in Canada? No link to it on – this is the online bonus hour of coverage in advance of the TV broadcast. Another shortcoming for a site that failed to deliver…

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