Why Mexico rules !

Slightly off topic tonight. Recently I made my second trip to Fairmont Mayakoba and helped with the PGA Tour event won by Brian Marvin Gay. Great tourney on my favourite Greg Norman design ! On the day after the event, from tees further back, Alan Carter of Jasper fired a three under. If he isn’t the best club pro this year, whoever is, is playing too much!

When you go into a Walmart (if you have to) in Canada or the USA you might notice that 99% of their crap (merchandise) is made in CHINA. Interestingly when you go into the Walmart south of Cancun, in MEXICO, most of their crap is made in the USA, Canada or Mexico.

The reason is Mexico respects the NAFTA deal, they have a minimum 500% duty on goods from CHINA. Can you imagine a Canadian or American politician recommending a 500% duty on chinese goods? I think it would be a great idea. This duty really does limit the import of golf clubs into Mexico too, as many high end clubs are being made in China (I guess the copies were so good then manufacturers started letting them make the real mcCoys too). Is McCoy a Scottish word?

I thought you might enjoy seeing a Mexican picture with balls.
Val Ochoa, proette, don’t golfers usually have whiter feet?

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