Tiger: "I'll be back to Canada some day."

There’s an interesting conversation online between Fan 590 sports announcer Chuck Swirsky, Score Golf editor Bob Weeks and RCGA tournament director Bill Paul. The conversation, which you can hear at this link, talks about a number of things, some of which are interesting, like the notion of holding the Canadian Open at St. George’s in 2010, followed by Shaughnessy in 2011. Interestingly, Paul talks about the desire to keep the tournament at “old courses,” but the plan is to take it to the Terrebonne facility in Montreal for 2012, which will likely be old — exactly two years — by that point. I guess it is just a case of timing.

Anyway, Paul does make one interesting comment. Apparently Tiger Woods has already told him in no uncertain terms that he won’t be at the Canadian Open this year. No surprise, really, but Woods added he’ll “be back in Canada some day.”

I wonder if that’ll be within the time frame of the current RBC sponsorship deal…

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  • Why wouldn’t Tiger be competing in the 2023 Prez Cup – he will be 48 at the time and given his drive he will likely still qualify for the team.

  • When Tiger is 48 I am sure he will not have been competing for quite a number of years.
    Watch the 60 minutes interview from a couple of years back and you will see Tiger explain that “Golf is a platform”…….”Golf is what I do, not who I am”……….

    Tiger will be well into the next phase of his career (ie. His foundation, Charity work and designing courses) He will be leaving a bigger mark on this planet than just his golf game……….

  • I find it hard to believe that Tiger would be out of the game by then… as long as he’s still competitive he’ll have that drive within him.

    And I agree with Ottawa – fat chance he’ll ever be back here to play competitively.

  • RT. You can keep wondering along with everybody else. I suspect Tiger answered honestly – he has no idea when he’ll be back, however, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that he won’t be at the CDN Open without a date change.

  • HenryE: I think he might even be in Canada this year — at a Nike event, potentially at the home course of a certain donut baron. At least that was the rumor last year.

    But Canadian Open? No. Interesting that the RCGA said this date wasn’t as bad as the old one, but at least in that instance Woods waited until a week before to decline playing. This time he did it six months in advance.

  • People, people: Tiger will retire soon than you think. The reason: burnout. Not from golf though, but from the crazed public who ensure he is forever a prisoner in his own home, and burned out from dumb stupid media types who aren’t creative enough to ask intelliegent questions. He will desire a normal life. And he will not be coming back to Canada except for a French River fishing trip.

  • RT. Tiger “potentially” attending a Nike event at the home course (Fox Harbour) of a certain Doughnut Baron I would classify as an “endorsement appearance”…………
    Would be fantastic publicity for R.J. if it does happen.
    Wonder how much $$$$$$$$ R.J. would have to fork out to have Tiger attend……….???
    Unfortunately sad to say that R.T. , myself and the other 34,998 per day fans that attended the Presidents Cup will have been witness to the last time Tiger will play a Competitive match on Canadian soil…………..

  • I always hope that if the 2010 Canadian Open is held at St George’s, Tiger might show up, especially given its proximity to the city core.

  • KC, sorry to say, but a CDN Open at St. George’s isn’t going to attract anyone that wouldn’t have already shown up to play Glen Abbey. These guys basically have access to any course in the world anytime they want. A lot of tour events are played at better courses – arguably, just not in Canada.

  • I bet Tiger will still be playing in his late 40s and into his 50s. There are still things to accomplish. Has anyone ever won the US Junior, Am, Open and Sr Open?

    Tiger has already won two of the three that he is eligible for three times and I am betting that he will likely win at least one more US Open. That means he will have to add 3 Senior Opens to his collection.

    Regarding the Canadian Open – as long as it continues to have the slot after the British it isn’t going to attract a strong field.

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