Marketing 101 – The Toronto Star Golf Show

Do you have a booth at this weekend’s Toronto Star Golf Show? If not, why don’t you? It is the first big golf event of the season and you just know that all of the city’s most avid golfers are going to be there, their appetites whetted for the coming season.

Okay, you’re no dummy. You do have a booth at the show. But why do you have a booth at the show? What do you hope to accomplish with a booth at the show? Are you trying to encourage membership? Are you trying to find golfers that haven’t played your course before? Are you there just because you’re afraid that if you’re not there your nearest competitor will be and people won’t come to your course?

How about we give you a valid reason to be at The Toronto Star Golf Show? How about making the most of the cost of your booth? How about using this opportunity to build your database by offering some prizing? By simply offering a free round of golf at your course you can collect hundred (or thousands) of e-mail addresses that you can later use to promote your golf course directly to golfing enthusiasts. And once you begin sending messaging to those golfers you can begin building loyalty. Once you establish loyalty you can then start filling up your tee sheet more consistently. Once you fill your tee sheet more consistently you better provide the best golf experience you possibly can.

So, do you have a booth at the Toronto Star Golf Show this weekend?

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