Glenway to ClubLink?

Rumours are circulating that ClubLink might take a run at acquiring Glenway Country Club in Newmarket. One of Doug Carrick’s first designs (he built the course, but the routing was already in place), and one he rarely takes credit for, Glenway has never been highly regarded.

For what it is worth ClubLink says as a public company they can’t comment on the rumour.

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  • wow….really relevant, newsworty stuff. You must have researched this one for days. Very investigative journalism. Worthy of a nobel prize.

  • I doubt this will happen – during our annual members meeting today at a Clublink course, we were told they would not be a single acquisition this year…

  • Don’t pay any attention to those losers and their comments. I highly doubt they could afford a Clublink membership anyway. I am a member out here in London where we only have one Clublink course, it would be nice to see Clublink buy something (anything) out here (St.Thomas?) instead of buying a crappy course like Glenway.

  • If Club Link does not but the club which sounds unlikely those of us that back on would sure like another golf owner than high density housing project!

  • I would absolutely be disgusted in Glenway and the town of Newmarket if they let a housing development come in and tear down the club. It would be appalling and may considered leaving this town as it seems like all it is about is money and not a community anymore

  • Glenway Country Club is the best private course in Ontario. They held the Ontario Open 30 years ago and many GAO qualifiers. They should tear down the houses and build another 18…bring Carrick back baby!!!

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